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Tips From Wellness Expert John McKee on How to Sleep Better at Night

May is National Better Sleep Month - Is Your Business Keeping You Awake at Night


John McKee, Wellness Advisor, Business Coach, and Author

John McKee, Wellness Advisor, Business Coach, and Author

Photo Courtesy John McKee

Is Your Business Keeping You Awake at Night?

Many women have trouble sleeping because they worry about life and work schedules. Tossing and turning all night is exhausting, but women who work from home deprive themselves of even more sleep by giving in to the worries that wake in them in the night by trotting downstairs to their home offices at 3.a.m to problem solve.

I asked professional business coach, successful author, and wellness expert how women can learn to rest better and resist the temptation to work when they cannot sleep if the home office beckons them in the middle of the night. Here is what he had to offer.

4 Tips on How to Sleep Better From John McKee

This is a very important issue. It’s destined to worsen for many business women – regardless of whether they are running their own business or are corporate employees. Clients who report this behavior acknowledge it’s not smart, but they seem to think they can continue working with insufficient sleep indefinitely – and of course they can’t.

At some time it always impacts their productivity and performance. Women need to realize exactly how counterproductive this can be. Even though you may feel a moment of success knowing you have completed the task at hand, working into the wee hours of the night affects your productivity, focus and ability to keep your emotions in check the next day. And these effects will only become more substantial over time.

There are clear statistics available that say almost everyone needs six hours of good quality sleep a night, and for most of us its actually seven or eight hours.

Here are four tips on how to sleep better at night:

  1. For optimal performance you first need to create a bedroom environment which will help you achieve a good night’s sleep and that includes a dark, quiet room and a quality mattress. I sleep on a Tempur-Pedic because for me it provides the right balance of comfort and support, and because the mattress does not transfer motion, my wife and I don’t wake each other up throughout the night.

  2. For worry-free, restful sleep, you also want to re-evaluate your bedtime routine. I tell people to not watch TV or read before bed because it engages the mind rather than allowing you to wind down.

  3. Also, any work-related materials should be kept away from your place of sleep; your bedroom should be your place of replenishment and not an adjunct office. For this reason, I do not recommend a pad of paper in the room to write down “to dos” because this starts you down a slippery slope.

  4. Finally, recognize that occasionally you can’t “stop” work – and when this happens, get out of bed and focus on what you need to do so you can sleep for the night. However, if this becomes a habit, you’ve got bigger problems you will need to deal with to avoid bringing them to bed.

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