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Interview With Danielle Hughes

Biography of Danielle Hughes, CEO and Founder of Divine Capital Markets - By Joe Hefferon. Danielle explained that one of the biggest challenges a business owner faces is learning to get out of the high grass and onto high ground. She belongs to the WPO, a peer networking group for women who run multi-million dollar businesses. Dani had a to-do list that was four pages long. A woman in the group told her to get rid of the first three pages of that list and focus on the three or four things critical for running the firm.

Number Of Women-Owned Business In The United States

Women-Owned Statistics - How many women own a business? The total number of WOBs, and percentage of Women-Owned businesses for each individual state.

How Many People Work From Home?

US Statistics For The Number Of People Who Telecommute or Work From Home - Median income, education, and fields for people who work from home. Also, the number of people who work from home full-time, part-time and what they earn.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: The Worker's Disability, Or Not?

Is Carpal Tunnel A Worker's Comp Or Disability Insurance Issue? In some states, worker's comp may cover repetitive stress injuries (RS) as an accident, however, many states see carpal tunnel as an occupational disease.

Michelle Patterson

Meet Michelle Patterson, powerhouse, visionary, accelerator! Patterson’s business acumen and impressive rolodex has led to her being labeled by the media as an “acceleration executive” that focuses on helping individuals, corporations, and small businesses grow faster.

How To Dress for Success to Impress Clients, Investors, and Customers

You should always dress to impress clients, investors, and customers, because a winning sales pitch is not enough to seal the deal. A woman's professional appearance needs to support her professional accomplishments.

Sitting Disease: What You Should Know

Research now shows that sitting for prolonged periods can be life-threatening and it has even been dubbed "sitting disease." Scientists are just beginning to explore what it means to our health but most agree that sitting for prolonged periods is bad.

Commercial Leasing Tips

Thanks David Waring, writer for FitSmallBusiness.com for listing my articles on commercial real estate leasing as a resource in your own article, "Commercial Real Estate: What You Need to Know Before Leasing." Your article contains great information about brokers and real estate attorneys, as well as general information about business space.

Is Your Female Boss Discriminating Against You Because You Are Female, Too?

If your female boss bullies you, undermines your work, won't promote you, or treats you badly because you are also female, you are not alone. A study conducted by the American Management Network reported that 95% of survey respondents claimed to have been undermined by another woman at some point in their career.

Rookie Business Mistakes

You launch your business and quickly realize that your ideas is just not bringing you the income you had planned. One of the most common rookie entrepreneur mistakes is targeting the wrong market. Your products or services might be great, but if you are not putting them in front of the right people you will never achieve independent wealth. Here are some valuable tips to help you survive your first year and identify problems quickly to get the cash you need rolling in.

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