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Business Services Reviews: 2 Great "Learning" Resources for Women Entrepreneurs

Free Online Business Lectures Every Business Woman Should Be Using


Even if you cannot afford the cost or time of continuing a formal formal education or are unable to attend live business seminars and lectures, there is no excuse for not taking advantage of free online lectures.

Here are my three favorite sources for podcasts, lectures, and videos where women entrepreneurs can get information, ideas, and inspiration.

#1: TED.com

TED.com is the "thinkers" YouTube. If your are looking for sophisticated, articulate and often controversial lecturers thinking outside the box, you will enjoy TED.com.

Suggested Lecture: Katherine Fulton's, You Are the Future of Philanthropy. Fulton discusses the connection between entrepreneurship and philanthropy. She offers five practical examples of crowd-driven philanthropy, and discusses how people can and do drive change - even where there is a lack of capital.

Visit TED.com

#2: SmallBizPod - UK

A great site from the UK for podcasts on a variety of business topics, including, of course, podcasts of interest to business women, is SmallBizPod.

I like the site because they serve the interests of young entrepreneurs, social causes, and for-profits, too. In addition to podcasts, the site also offers other business resources via their blog. While you are there, be sure to click on the "Sevens" link. This site feature allows you to contribute seven business tips for other entrepreneurs, or you can just read the "sevens" submitted by others.

Suggested Podcast: SmallBizPod #84 – Interview with Lara Solomon, author of "Brand New Day," and extraordinary female entrepreneur.

Learn how Mocks founder, Lara Solomon, developed, branded and retailed a hit mobile phone accessory called "mocks" (a sort of sock that holds mobile devices) selling over a million globally in just four years.

Solomon shares the inspiring story of starting a business from scratch, marketing with almost no money. She also talks about how she built relationships with Chinese suppliers and large retailers.

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