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Job Fields Business Women Dominate - Trends in Women's Occupations

2007 Department of Labor Statistics Show Most Women Work in "Female Industries"


In many occupations women are doing quite well, but not necessarily in industries that are seen as traditionally "men's jobs." In fact, one long-term study (1990-1995), showed that 2,511 out of 3,200 first-time jobs for new Ph.D. holders in math-related fields, went to men.

According to the Department of Labor (DOL), in 2007, the following occupations shown in Table 1, were dominated by women (percent of jobs by professions, held by women):

Table 1

Industry Growth for Women's Occupations (1997-2006)
Secretaries & Administrative Assistants 96.7
Child Care Workers94.6
Hairdressers, Stylists, Cosmetologists92.9
Registered Nurses91.7
Teacher Assistants91.5
Medical Assistants & Other Healthcare Support 90.6
Auditing Clerks 90.3
Maids & Housekeeping Services89.2
Home Health Aides88.3
Elementary & Middle School Teachers 80.9
Office Clerks, General85.3
Cashiers 75.6
Supervisors, Office Managers & Admin Support 73.4
Customers Service Representatives68.5
Accountants & Auditors61.8

It is easy to see in Table 1 that women still have no trouble holding the majority of jobs in “female” industries.


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