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Readers Respond: When Does Being Sexy Cross The Line Into Being Sexist?

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Is being sexy the same thing as being sexist? What I find objectionable in Paris Hilton's beer commercials is not her being sexy but the fact that she is perpetuating a stereotype about women - blond women in particular. The commercial's tag line "Very Irreverent, Very Blonde," is what makes this commercial undeniably sexist. To identify sexual irreverence as being "very blond" is something I felt compelled to speak out against. (And, for the record, I am a brunette.) If you agree (or disagree), please leave your comments.


Hello. I am Brazilian. First of all, let´s define this. Devassa = bawdry, dissolute, immoral, lecherous, profligate, rakish, salacious, wasteful, libertine, loose. That said, you can see it´s not a soft term. It´s pretty in your face. So my first question is why they allowed the brand name and now come knocking down the door. It´s pretty absurd. I´d say Devassa and Paris Hilton are a perfect match!! If there were a beer called "Doggy Style," what kind of ad do you think you would see come out? The ad is totally consistent with brand name and the celebrity herself. It depicts a celebrity being photographed by a paparazzi, not a stalker. And it shows Paris being Paris. It´s practically the most honest TV commercial ever made. Is it sexist? Of course it is. There is hardly a beer ad which isn´t sexist, regardless of the context. Watch a few ads on the Internet and be honest with yourself.

Leave Her Alone

Why are you picking on Ms. Hilton? Are you all jealous because she is prettier and richer? She does not seem all that smart but she is nice and gets on in life okay. She does not sponge of men like some women do. Why don't you pick on the women who starve themselves to be thin or dye their hair color to be someone they are not? At least what Ms. Hilton shows off are "assets" god gave her. What about all the women with fake boobs - what message are they sending to people???
—Guest Anonymous123

Rich Celeb = Responsibility

I agree! Speaking of public eye celebrities earn a lot and have a lot of privileges most of us are never afforded. But with that comes responsibility. Paris does not need the money or exposure so she seems like another lost high profile soul to me. I mean why Brazil? Perhaps she knew that her U.S. fans would not tolerate the kind of sexist message she is broadcasting.
—Guest Anonymous

Paris Has No Common Sense

I agree she has no "real life" experience. She is sending a negative message about women but also a message that the uber rich are spoiled and vapid. I know someone who is very wealthy - she is anything but selfish and spoiled. She made her fortune by working hard and being smart - not because she put her boobs out into the public eye.
—Guest Anonymous

Paris Has No

I hate her commercials - but she does not write them. Perhaps she is too dumb to see the message she spreads doing them -- not because she is blond but because she has lead a life of entitlement and has no "real life" experience. Even when she got busted for DUI she got off easy. No accountability = no concern for how her actions affect other people!
—Guest 6tildawn

Blonde - And Proud

I don't let the exploitation of blond women detract from who I am. I do not live up to the stereo type - but I figure anyone who will treat me like I am stupid because of my hair color - well, they are the stupid ones!
—Guest AWindsor

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