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Reader Stories: How Did You Get Your Start in Business?

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Everyone has to start somewhere. Some entrepreneurs start with a bang, quitting their jobs and diving into business head first. For others, the loss of a job or a personal crisis lead to an idea born from necessity (a need from income) and entrepreneurship finds them. Share your business start-up story to help encourage other aspiring entrepreneurs. You get to talk about your business (and include a link) and feel good knowing your success might encourage another woman to go ahead and take the entrepreneurial plunge, too.

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How did you form your biz - a corporation, nonprofit, sole proprietorship, etc. and why you chose this biz structure.
Were you fed up with your boss? Had a product brainstorm? Needed a second income, or were just born to lead?

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Share your start-up advice including the upsides and downsides of being self-employed to help other business owners.

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