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Business Start-Up Stories - Queens of Weaves

Share Your Story: How Did You Get Your Start in Business?

By Yondel

Business Start-Up Stories - Queens of Weaves

Me, wearing one of my lace wig units.

Business Start-Up Stories - Queens of Weaves

Business Logo

About Your Business (include URL)

Website: www.queensofweave.webs.com

When did you start your business?

Sept 2009

Your Business Structure

Sole proprietorship - Easiest and least expensive. Also, fit the business needs at the time. Research what fits your situation the best there are pros and cons to each, but you must be legit!

Your Start-Up Story - Why You Started Your Business

I feel that I was born to educate and sell. I have a college background in education. Long story short, since middle school I have always had a passion for hair weaves. I have spent thousands of dollars in the hair store and decided that it was time for me to create my own hair business and make money off from it. For this reason, I decided to learn how to make lace wigs, sell them, educate others about them and teach females how to make them as well. Recently this summer I faced a lay off from teaching English after moving out of my parents home - it was time to put my business first - I desperately needed income to pay my rent!


  • Starting up is the easy part! Filling out paperwork is easy and becoming official is so easy, but making money is the hard part. It takes a lot of work there is so much more to starting a business than just getting business cards from vista print and setting up a website. The hardest thing is doing it ALL myself. You need to be highly dedicated to do this yet be smart about it. The ultimate purpose of starting your own business is to make money - not to become a slave for your business - you need to find balance and have the right mindset. Educate yourself consistently and take opportunity of the free stuff online

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