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Bookkeeper Girl Offers Affordable Bookkeeping Services

Share Your Story: How Did You Get Your Start in Business?

By Kim Pollard

Bookkeeper Girl Offers Affordable Bookkeeping Services

About Your Business (include URL)

Bookkeeper Girl, Inc. specializes in online bookkeeping and payroll services with corporate headquarters in Denton serving a large base of local clientele. A second office is located in Dallas. Electronic operation has allowed the company to expand to add several clients throughout the states.

When did you start your business?

For years, Kim operated from her home office where she worked on a proven methodology that was tested and tried before she launched the business to the public eye on October 1, 2008.

Your Business Structure

Bookkeeper Girl, Inc. is owned by Kim Pollard, President, and her husband, Scott, who serves as the Marketing and Operations Director. Since the initial opening a little over a year ago, the business has grown from one to 45 clients and now employs two staff accountants, an assistant staff accountant, and an Office Manager. Additional local accountants are employed on a contractual basis during the peak seasons, and the company teams up with local CPA's to help take care of clients should tax decisions need to be made.

Your Start-Up Story - Why You Started Your Business

Kim did contract work on the side for bookkeeping while working at a CPA firm where one of her clients was a corporate client. She saw the need for sound, basic bookkeeping as CPA's can only go off the numbers they are given, and the need for someone to efficiently track numbers was there. Always loving new technology, Kim worked with this program for six years before deciding the procedure would work for small businesses. Everything about the Bookkeeper Girl business is unique. People at the CPA firm could never remember her name and jokingly called Kim 'bookkeeper girl'. As a result, she chose the name when she opened her business. This is a small business with goals of providing good service at a good price. The Bookkeeper Girl has become very involved within the community and is able to give back as she credits her success to the grace of God and everyone's continued efforts to make the company a success.


  • Bookkeeper Girl provides bookkeeping at a nominal price which she feels is important so that small businesses are able to afford this service. She is adamant about budgeting, sticking to the budget and to being held accountable in all aspects of the business. The image, character and resulting rapid growth and success of the Bookkeeper Girls's business is built on trust, integrity, and total confidentiality. Kim feels the key to a successful business is being able to enjoy the work and the people you work with, having a goal and working together as a team to achieve that goal.

Lahle Wolfe, About.com Women in Business, says:

Kim's website is colorful and fun - a nice change from the typical CPA (boring) look. If you are looking for bookkeeping services visit her website - Bookkeeper Girl offers a free evaluation of services you might need (look for the offer at the bottom of each web page.)

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