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A Love of Language Turned Into a Business

Share Your Story: How Did You Get Your Start in Business?

By Gina Lopez-Colon

A Love of Language Turned Into a Business

Gina L. Colón, Owner, Gina's Spanish Studio - Give yourself the gift of learning Spanish!

About Your Business (include URL)

Gina's Spanish Studio, is a thriving business that specializes in one-on-one Spanish tutoring, small group class instruction, and translation of business documents. Spanish instruction is provided to school students and business professionals from beginners to advanced levels.

When did you start your business?

December 2005

Your Business Structure

Gina's Spanish Studio is a sole proprietorship. As a resident of Southern California and with its growing Hispanic population, I have discovered a niche among schools students and business professionals who are eager to not only learn the Spanish language but also about the Hispanic culture.

Your Start-Up Story - Why You Started Your Business

Ever since I was a little girl, I always dreamed of learning and teaching foreign languages. I had the opportunity to attend a top notch private school that offered English and French courses. In 2005, after going through some personal changes, I decided to start my own Spanish tutoring business; first, I started teaching small classes at my kids' pre-school. The word got around and when my kids graduated from school, I saw a niche in public and private schools. I have conducted adult group classes and have expanded my services to translation of business documents. Gina's Spanish Studio also offers basic French tutoring.


  • Join a small business owners support group
  • Create an attractive and easy to read web site
  • Tell everyone you talk to about your business!
  • Never stop learning and/or reading about entrepreneurs, their challenges and success stories
  • Be positive at all moments no matter what the news say about the economy
  • Treat your clients with the utmost respect and kindness
  • No matter how passionate you are about your business, take time to rest and 'recharge' your batteries.

Lahle Wolfe, About.com Women in Business, says:

Gina L. Colón, owner of Gina's Spanish Studio was born and raised in Nicaragua, and later attended school in Madrid, Spain, and in Wisconsin. I am thrilled to see a business woman opening the world of language to children and adults.

Here is something interesting I learned on Ms. Colón's website:

"The most spoken language in the world is Mandarin-Chinese. This is followed by English and then, Spanish. If you know English and Spanish, you will be able to speak to more than half the population of the world!"

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