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How To Fill Out Form W-4

Virginia Women in Business Networks - VA Women's Network at VCU

Submit an Entry: Directory of Business Networks and Social Networks for Business Women

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City/State (If networking events are face-to-face)

Richmond, VA

Name and Website Address of Network for Business Women

Virginia Women's Network at VCU

Website: www.pubapps.vcu.edu/gehli/womensnetworkvcu.htm

About Your Women's Business Network

Membership in the Women’s Network at VCU offers the opportunity to explore major issues facing higher education, discuss career-building strategies, and meet colleagues. Some of the events and activities sponsored by the Women’s Network at VCU include:

* Lunch and Listen. Starting in January 2010, the Virginia Network at VCU will host monthly networking events. Bring your lunch, catch up with old friends and meet new colleagues. For more information about the Lunch and Listen click here.

* Recognition Reception. Annual reception to recognize recent female doctoral graduates and their advisors and accomplishments of women faculty and administrators at the university

* Senior Leadership Seminar. Each year VCU nominates up to five faculty and/or administrators to participate in The Virginia Network's Senior Leadership Seminar. For more about the Senior Leadership Seminar or to be considered for nomination, click here.

* Blackboard. A resource page hosting links to leadership and personal development webinars and other resources.

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