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Klar Media Group - Florida Business Women - Social Media Marketing

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By Annush

Klar Media Group - Florida Business Women - Social Media Marketing

Name of Business

Klar Media Group

60 SW 13th St.

Suite 2521

Miami, FL 33130

Phone: (786) 268-9703

Skype: KlarMediaGroup

Email: Annush@klarmediagroup.com

Website: www.klarmediagroup.com

About The Business

We are a marketing agency that specializes in connecting brands and consumers through social media.

We create and execute strategies that will engage consumers and create traffic through content management and creation, relationship leveraging and multi-platform communication. We excel at finding your customers, understanding what motivates them and building and executing strategies to create traffic and buzz. It's about connecting with consumers and building relationships that will drive business objectives.

It is our ultimate goal to develop strategies that will transform consumers into ambassadors of your brand and evangelists of your message.


  • Don't be greedy! There is enough business for everyone.
  • Be respectful.
  • Help those who are starting out.
  • Build relationships and shy away from that "only networking" mentality.

Lahle Wolfe, About.com Women in Business, says:

What a great point! In all relationships -- including business relationships -- there must be something reciprocal. Give and take - don't just take. I like your business philosophy.

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