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Yelp: Unfair Business Practices For Profit Or Consumer Website?

Need help with Yelp? Is Yelp guilty of Unfair Business Practices? Is your business listed on Yelp, or you got a bad review and want it removed? Before you start paying for advertising learn about Yelp scams, pros and cons, and how to deal with bad customer reviews, and all about Yelp's filtered and unfiltered algorithms that hurt business owners.

How Yelp's Unfair Review Filtering Practices Hurt Business Owners
Yelp Filters Assume Positive Reviews Are "Fake". Yelp's review filters are biased towards filtering positive reviews. Story of how one business suffered because Yelp allowed only negative reviews to be seen, and filtered all positive reviews.

Yelp's Filter Reviews - Biased Towards Yelp?
Yelp Responds To Email About Their Unfair Review Filtering Practices - I questioned Yelp about their unfair filtering practices - filtering far more positive reviews than they do negative reviews. Here is what Yelp had to say.

Is Yelp Guilty Of Digital Racketeering, Extortion, Or Unfair Business Practices?
Yelp Extortionists or Racketeers? Yelp allows negative, and sometimes libelous reviews to remain public on your profile. There's no opt out, no appeals process, and no arbitration to help business owners falsely accused of crimes or bad service. But Yelp offers advertising to help you solve your reputation problems. Is this digital racketeering...

Think Yelp's Filter Is Protecting Consumers? Guess Again.
Yelp Algorithms - Business owners often complain about Yelp's unfair practices, even accusing Yelp of extortion. Reviewers are also frustrated by Yelp's algorithms. Here is why the suspected algorithm factors really don't matter because Yelp may have a bigger agenda than weeding out fakes.

Complaints About Yelp - Reviews About Yelp, Business Owners Complain
Unhappy With Yelp? Share Your Story And Give Yelp Their Own Review - If Yelp has offered to manipulate your reviews if you purchase advertising fees, refused to take down false or libelous reviews, or filters all your good reviews and only shows negative reviews, we want to know.

More Bad Yelp News: Yelp Announces Plans To Filter Even More Reviews
More Bad News For Businesses - Yelp has announced new algorithms to penalize IP addresses and flag businesses suspected (by Yelp algorithms) of fake posting with a warning message appearing on business pages when Yelp believes that a company has paid for its reviews.

Are Ratings On Yelp Really Consumer Driven? Yes. And No.
How Yelp Manipulates Business Ratings With Algorithms - Yelp itself is a business and its practices are designed to make Yelp money, not protect business owners' interests. Learn how algorithms determine a business' rating not consumer reviews.

Dealing With Lies, False, And Bad Reviews On Yelp - Part 1
Will Yelp Remove Unfair or False Reviews About My Business? No. How many business owners being falsely accused have time or inclination to sue Yelp or reviewers? Libel is a hard thing to establish. But there are some things you can do to fight back...

The Business Of Yelp: Whose Needs Are Really Being Met?
Does Yelp Value Their Own Profits Above Interests Of Consumers And Businesses? If you are even suspected of soliciting your own reviews, Yelp will filter your positive reviews. To make things even more challenging, Yelp has added "better" algorithms that will automatically calculate the liklihood a post is fake and will filter or remove reviews....

Yelp Answers Questions About Its Algorithms And "Best" Practices

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