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Summer Fun 51: Fifty-plus Ideas for Stress Relief

Work-Life Balance Tips: How to Relish a Bit of Relaxation at Work and Home


The weather is just warming up, but your schedule is showing no sign of slowing down?

Read on for 51 ways to help reign in your stress levels at work and home and stretch out the heady days of summer:

  1. Brew up a pitcher of sun tea.
  2. Enjoy lunch outside at work.
  3. Stroll around downtown and leave your business card at the local shops.
  4. Capture your town in photos.
  5. Begin your day on the right foot with the funny pages, or head over to Comics.com.
  6. Browse a farmers market.
  7. Explore exotic flavors at an ethnic foods store.
  8. Unwind with a daily journal.
  9. Bring your basket to a "pick-your-own" farm and fill it up with fresh berries and vegetables.
  10. Balance your workspace with a few ancient feng shui practices.
  11. Pedal a paddle boat.
  12. Take homeless animals for a walk at a local shelter.
  13. Tarry over some tea sandwiches on a blanket at the park.
  14. Learn a few tension-taming breathing exercises for work and home.
  15. Have some old-fashioned fun at a local fair.
  16. Encourage co-workers to leave the boardroom and take a stroll in the fresh air with walking meetings.
  17. Buckle your helmet and put some mileage on your bike.
  18. Gather some friends for a round of cards beneath the trees.
  19. Order a fruit smoothie and enjoy some window-shopping.
  20. Try your hand at abstract painting.
  21. Travel internationally without leaving home with a "world" theme party.
  22. Bring the sun to your office cubicle with a flowering plant, a fresh color scheme and a summer-themed screen saver.
  23. Walk for a good cause.
  24. Grow a pizza garden in a container.
  25. Feed your sense of wonder at a museum.
  26. Go fly a kite!
  27. Create a summer music mix.
  28. Cool down after dinner with some fresh no-cook desserts.
  29. Invite an elderly neighbor over for dinner.
  30. Join a special-interest group that revolves around one of your passions.
  31. Circle the dates of local festivals on your calendar.
  32. Browse a garden seed catalogue for inspiring ideas.
  33. Initiate a walking club at work.
  34. Share the beauty of children's poetry with the little ones in your life.
  35. Wear your binoculars for a bit of bird watching.
  36. Linger at a local flower nursery.
  37. Volunteer and connect with others at a local non-profit organization.
  38. Hire a babysitter for Saturday night.
  39. Listen to a local band perform.
  40. Bring a book wherever you go.
  41. Pack your camera and take a trip to a nearby landmark.
  42. Roam around a botanical garden.
  43. Create a fun diversion with family game nights.
  44. Call someone on the phone instead of texting a message.
  45. Fashion cozy reading nooks indoors and out.
  46. Clear out the clutter -- and reward yourself for a job well done!
  47. Take a look behind the scenes at a local winery.
  48. Spread out a blanket for a water view - pond, lake, or ocean.
  49. Grow an herb garden in a container. No matter how modest your space, you can wake up to the enticing scent of rosemary, basil, thyme, and more.
  50. Mail a favorite recipe to a younger family member.
  51. Send a homemade card just because.

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