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Working Moms and Wives

Tips and advice for work-at-home moms and wives. Work more efficiently, balance family and work needs, and keep your spouse happy.

Spirit In Action - Jessica Goldman Srebnick (Part 2)
Part 2 of a series about top business leader Jessica Goldman Srebnick. Jessica Goldman Srebnick, Chief Operating Officer for the hospitality division at Goldman Properties, shares her work-life balance strategies with other working moms.

Kate Gosselin - Give Your Business Advice for Kate Gosselin
Kate Gosselin, mother of eight and co-star of the reality TV show (TLC), "Jon and Kate Plus Eight," is being criticized for suggesting she would continue the show alone if her marriage breaks up. Gosselin said she may push her fame and success even harder now that she may be facing becoming a single mother. What business advice would you give Kate about how to use her fame to provide for her ch…

Take Your Child to Work Day
If you are a work-at-home mom you can still make National Take Your Child to Work Day memorable with our ideas and tips on activities for preschoolers.

Take Your Child to Work Day
Why should women participate in "Take Your Child to Work Day?" Simple, the event started as "Take Your Daughter to Work Day." Read trivia facts about why, and who started "Take Your Child to Work Day."

3 Traps Working Moms Should Avoid Falling Into
Balance between family and work can be tough for any working mom to achieve. Avoid the three most common traps working moms can fall into. Tips to find balance between work and family life that will keep your loved ones happy and you feeling good about your success.

How to Work With Your Spouse: The Three Most Important Tips
The three most important tips on how to work with your spouse. How to make things work and when to keep your husband out of the business.

Business Tips for Work-At-Home Moms
Tips for work-at-home moms on how to be more efficient.

Work at Home Job Strategy
For many of us who work from home, the work from home or telecommuting lifestyle found us. But what if it has not found you and you want to work from home?

Part-Time Jobs Available for Working Moms
Whether you’re a working mom looking to cut back, or a stay-at-home mom ready to rejoin the workforce, you’re probably interested in a part-time job. Here are tips to help!

Taking Care of Yourself – Why It’s Important
Of all the tips for working moms, top of the list has to be taking care of yourself. Mom's needs often seem to come last. After your kids, their dad, your job, the pets, and endless errands, that is.

Time Management Tips
Do you often feel like you have more things to do than you have time to do them? Here are tips to help you improve your time management skills both at work and at home.

How To Stop Procrastinating
Procrastination is a bad habit and is one that can certainly slow down your career growth. When you procrastinate, it is likely you will turn in projects late or not at all. Here are some tips that will help you break this habit.

Too Busy For Your Kids? Tips To Help You Find Better Work-Life Balance
"Not now, mommy has to work." If you find yourself constantly uttering those words to your child, instead of feeling torn and guilty, start thinking about ways to find better work-life balance. Before you offer the excuse you don't have "balance" because there are not enough hours in the day, take heart -- achieving better balance is not as hard...

Best Companies For Work-Life Balance - Fortune Names Top 10 for 2011
Of Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For" in 2011, these companies win for best work-life balance. Read on to learn which workplaces Fortune magazine named best for work-life balance.

Michelle Obama Stands Up For Workplace Flexibility
Learn how Michelle Obama is turning the focus on work-life balance for "breadwinners, mothers, sons, and daughters." Read why Michelle Obama is standing up for workplace flexibility.

Spirit in Action - Jessica Goldman Srebnick
Top business leader Jessica Goldman Srebnick shares her work-life balance strategies with other working moms. Chief Operating Officer for Goldman Properties hospitality division shares her work-life balance strategies with other working mothers. Successful business leader and working mom Jessica Goldman Srebnick shares her work-life balance...

Work-Life Balance: A Message from the White House Garden
Learn how First Lady Michelle Obama is sowing the seeds of a nationwide gardening movement. Eating healthy is essential for work-life balance - learn how you can take a cue from First Lady Michelle Obama's White House garden.

Work-Life Balance Motivation for Movers and Shakers: Start Moving!
Too many movers and shakers aren't moving enough. Read on for motivational tips to kickstart a walking program. Kickstart your walking program with these inspirational pointers.

5 Ways to Get in Step With the Slow Movement
Slow is here to stay, say passionate practitioners of the Slow Movement. Read on for ways to designate a no-hurry zone in your life. Learn how the Slow Movement can help reconnect you to your roots and enjoy life with gusto.

5 Websites to Unwind With
Bookmark these five websites to help tame tension. Help bring balance to your routine with these websites for stress relief.

Keys to Organizing Secret Spaces
When it comes to clutter, out of sight is not out of mind. Remember these pointers for harmony on the homefront. Keep a few keys on hand for de-cluttering the unseen spaces in your home.

Connecting With the "Slow Movement:" Slow Living Sources
From slow food to slow travel, follow these links for a fresh focus on work-life balance.

5 Tips For Helping Your Kids Feel Better About Your Need To Work
Your work-life balance goal should be to find ways to get satisfaction and enrichment from life that makes the work you do worthwhile. Part of that equation for working moms is also helping your children feel balanced, loved, and important to you.

Can Working Women Truly Have it All? Why Some Say No
an Working Women Truly Have it All? Why Some Say No, by Melissa Miller - For years, society has tried to assure ambitious young women that if they truly worked hard enough, they could juggle both a high demanding career and a family quite harmoniously. But a recent controversial cover story for the July/August issue of "The Atlantic" has...

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