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Tips for Working With Family Members

Tips and information about working with family without driving each other crazy. Work-life balance tips for working with your spouse, children, or other relatives.

How to Involve Your Family in Your Startup Business
If you are starting a business, be sure to involve your family right from the start. Don't wait until problems and resentment arise over your long work hours or until you hear "all you ever talk about is your business - you don't care about us anymore."

Send Veronica Your Tips on How to Work With Family
How do you keep the peace and preserve family relationships in a family-owned business? Veronica Arrendol, CEO of Athyr Beauty shares advices and asks for tips and advice from other business women on how to work with your family without driving yourself crazy!

5 Tips for Working With Family
Here are five great tips from three women family members who run Athyr Beauty, a successful family-owned business, together.

How do you balance the demands of running a business and family life?
Many women start businesses so that they can work from home and spend more time with their families. But as the demands of the business grow it is easy to feel pulled between work and family. Do you have tips for other women on how you balance running a business with the needs and demands your family has, too?

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