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The Work-Life Balance Debate - Does The Term Fit?

Discussion and thoughts about work-life balance. Can women really be expected to balance work and family or is it just one big juggling act? Does the term work-life balance even fit? Share your thoughts.

Work-Life Balance: Today's Hot-Button Issue
Americans first heard the term in 1986: Work-Life Balance was the new mantra, and it reflected the need for a healthy connection between work and play. Two decades after Rubik’s Cube and fluorescent leg warmers, the phrase is as timely as ever, and fast becoming today’s hot-button issue. If work-life balance is your mantra, these pointers may...

Work-Life Balance Redefined - Rename Work-Life Balance
What really is work-life balance? Is there such a thing? Do you hate the term "work-life balance?" If so, tell us your thoughts and start a new buzz word - what you would rename work-life balance to?

Work-Life Balance: By Any Other Name
Are you in sync with the phrase "work-life balance"? Many people say the buzzword has lost its buzz, and are choosing different words to describe the way they negotiate work and personal time. Read on to see if any of these terms ring true to you.

Why Work-Life Balance Sucks For Most Women
The phrase "work-life balance" conjures up an image of a scale (something women are often at war with anyhow) with work on one side and family and/or other personal relationships on the other. In the middle is the woman with both arms extended trying to balance everything. The woman represents the stabilizer caught in the middle being divided...

Why Work-Life Balance Sucks For Most Women
Work-Life Balance is a double-standard, unfair term directed at women that suggests we can have careers, babies, and a clean house if we just prioritize and work harder at "balancing" our lives. And, if we are really good at it, we might even get some "time off for good behavior" to spend on ourselves.

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