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National Business Women's Week

What is it, when is it, and why do we celebrate NBW Week?


What is National Business Women's Week?

According to Cheryl Grazier, executive director of the Missouri Business Women's Council (2002), the purpose of National Business Women's Week is "to recognize women who have been the cornerstone of working in business in the United States in the past and to examine how far women in business have come."

When is it?

Since 1938 National Business Women's Week has officially been celebrated the third full week in October of each year.

When Did National Business Women's Week Begin?

The first observance of NBWW was April 15-22, 1928. The first NBWW began with a nationally broadcast speech by Lean Madesin Phillips, the president of the National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs (NFBPWC).

Although Phillips launched the first NBWW event, the idea for NBWW should correctly be attributed to Emma Dot Partridge the executive secretary for NFBPWC (1924 through 1927.)

Phillips stated in her speech NBWW was created "to focus public attention upon a better business woman for a better business world."

NBWW Trivia

U.S. President Herbert Hoover was the first president to issue a letter recognizing NBWW and the contributions and achievements of workingwomen.

Ways to Celebrate NBWW

Download activity guides, press releases, and NBWW promotional materials free from the Business and Professional Women's Foundation


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