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The Best of Women In Business 2012

Or, What Readers Were Most Interested In (Celebrities and Horses)


This year saw some interesting trends on Women in Business. The most surprising to me were some of the articles that received the most attention -- and a few of those that received the least attention. "Best of" may not be the right title for this year in review, but this is how readers used this site in 2012.

Most Read Profile On Women In Business

Profile of Abby Lee Miller. Also popular was Contact Information For The Stars Of Dance Moms and Their Kids. The second most-read profile on Women in Business was about Hilary Farr, written by guest writer, Joe Hefferon. I guess even business women like their celebrities except perhaps for Angelina Jolie, whose business ventures attracted the attention of barely a handful of readers. In 2011, the most read profile articles were all related to Kate Goselin.

Most Read Review

Light In The Box. My fair, but unfavorable review of Light In The Box, a retailer based in China, gathered quite a bit of attention. When I refused to pull the review at the request of Light In The Box they began posting replies to some of the complaints. But so many readers chimed in with their own negative responses that "someone" began posting hundreds of 5-star ratings -- many complete with pictures and links to buy Light In The Box products. Our tech team discovered the positive reviews were coming from one single company which retailers can pay to help them build their social brand. Sounds fishy to me... my 1-star rating stands.

Most Talked About Articles

Getty Images Settlement Demand Letter: Scam or For Real? My expose series on the settlement demand letter scam drew the most comments from readers -- readers who also report being victims of "legal extortion" practices. Getty continues to have no comment.

Most Popular Work-Life Balance Article

Despite the increasing number of overworked, unsatisfied women, readers seemed to show little overall interest in how to find better work-life balance (maybe you are all just too busy to think about slowing down!) when compared to searching out celebrity information. However, the most popular work-life article was Better Work-Life Balance: Am I Too Old To Ride Horses? written by guest writer, Christopher Cervantes. Read the article and then go get on a horse, because the simple answer is "no" you are not too old to ride. Just wear a helmet!

Most Controversial Article

I received the most mail about my article, Which is Politically Correct: Latino or Hispanic? However, most of the emails I received indicated my article was politically incorrect and so I made several adjustments based on the suggestions of some of the fan mail received.

Most Read Business Categories

Cheap Business Ideas: From starting your own bookstore, to writing gigs, to finding niche markets, readers wanted business ideas, ideas, and more ideas.

Applying Modern Psychology in Advertising and Marketing: The mysteries of advertising and marketing psychology explained.

Work Attire and Business Etiquette. From how to dress to how to shake hands, business men and women clearly wanted tips on how to look, smell, and behave in the business environment.

Most Surprising Comparisons

More people read about degrading jokes made by John McCain than they did about marketing to senior citizens. With only one John McCain and 10,000 people turning 60 every day in the U.S. this was not only surprising, but also sad.

More people read my"April Is" national month calendar than they did about marketing strategies for products aimed at the health and fitness market.

More people searched for contact information for Patti Stanger (founder of Millionaire's Club) than sought out information about how to get government contracts and financial aid (again, we must love our celebrities, Stanger is also the star of "Millionaire Matchmaker.")

And, finally, more people were interested in tips on Twitter and Facebook privacy settings than they were on how to actually build social networks. Kind of creepy when Big Brother and Twitter, and Facebook, and Pinterest, and Google, etc. are all watching us so I guess I can sort of understand this one.

The reason I offer this information, which might seem silly or inane, or even somewhat gratuitous on its own merit, is simple: as an example. By studying my own site's data, I am actually applying one of the most basic business principles: know your market -- pay attention to what your consumers are telling you. I hear you. There will be more celebrity profiles in 2013.

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