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Employment Trends - Fastest Growing Occupations in the United States

Department of Labor Projections for 2006 - 20016


It pays to study projected growth in various occupations when developing long-term marketing plans. The Department of Labor (DOL) projects rapid growth in certain occupations. Rapid growth can also mean an increase in the demand for services and goods in a related field.

In business, you not only need to be looking at the "now" picture, but you also need to be looking and planning ahead for changes in markets, industries, and employment.

Employment Trends by Occupation

Projected Growth 2006-2016
Network Systems/Data Communications53.4
Personal & Home Care Aides 50.6
Home Health Aides48.7
Comp Software Engineers & Applications44.6
Veterinarian Technicians41.0
Personal Financial Advisors41.0
Makeup Artists39.8
Medical Assistants35.4
Substance Abuse & Behavioral Counselors34.3
Skin Care Specialists34.3
Financial Analysts33.8
Social & Human Service Assistants33.6
Gaming Surveillance Officers & Investigators33.6
Physical Therapist Assistants32.4
Pharmacy Technicians32.0
Forensic Science Technicians30.7
Dental Hygienists30.1
Mental Health Counselors30.0
Mental Health & Sub Abuse Social Workers29.9


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