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Starting a Business in Virginia

Information About How to Start and Conduct Business in Virginia


Updated November 05, 2013
If you are planning on starting a business in Virginia, you will need to register your business name, register to pay taxes, and obtain licenses and permits depending on the legal structure of your business and if you will have any employees.

Here is information you need to help you start a business in Virginia.

About Virginia Business Taxes

You can register new businesses or make changes to existing business registrations and tax accounts online.

Virginia allows businesses to file and pay withholding and sales tax, file and pay corporate extensions, send a secure message, pay a tax bill, and register for a nonprofit exemption via their online tax services for businesses.

  • Corporate Tax Information: Almost all businesses incorporated under Virginia law, or that have registered with the State Corporation Commission for the privilege of conducting business in Virginia, or that receives income from Virginia sources must file a Virginia corporation income tax return.

    Federally tax-exempt nonprofit organizations only have to file corporate income tax returns if they earned unrelated business taxable income at the federal level.

    If you selected "s" corporation for your federal tax return, you are also automatically considered an s corporation in Virginia.

  • A Virginia Guide to Establishing a Business: (.pdf) This publication summarizes the major state and local tax, labor, occupational and environmental regulations that may affect businesses in Virginia.
  • Guide to Local Taxes on Business: (.pdf) Information about local taxes on businesses listed by cities and counties in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Virginia's Small Business Administration Center

Virginia District Office
The Federal Building
400 North 8th Street, Suite 1150
Richmond, VA 23219-4829
(804) 771-2400 Fax 771-2764
E-mail: richmond.va@sba.gov

Territory: All of Virginia except Arlington, Fairfax, and Loudoun counties, and cities of Alexandria, Fairfax and Falls Church.

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