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Types of Commercial Leases

From Triple Net leases, to load factor to rentable square feet, be sure you know what type of commercial lease you are signing or you could get stuck paying for your landlord's taxes, salary, and major property renovations.

Common Area Maintenance (CAM) Fees in Commercial Leasing: 101
What are CAM Fees?

Commercial Leases - Types of Commercial Leases
Compare the types of commercial leases commonly used in commercial real estate in an easy-to-read chart.

Commercial Leases - Square Footage Used in Calculating Commercial Leases
Table comparison the types of square feet calculations used in commercial leases. Some leases charge by the usable square feet, while others charge what is called rentable square feet.

Questions to Ask About Industrial Space Lease Terms, Rent & Other Fees
While restrictions and lease conditions are important considerations to factor in when looking for commercial industrial space, for most new businesses, how much the monthly rent will cost is often the deciding factor. Commercial leases can have added fees in addition to rent. Be sure you understand what additional costs are by asking...

Commercial Industrial Spaces - Things to Consider When Leasing
Commercial industrial space can also be used in place of traditional commercial office space, usually at substantially cheaper prices. There are pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages to leasing commercial industrial space.

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