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2009 Income Tax Deadlines - Workers Inside and Outside the U.S. and Military

Calendar for 2008-2009 Income Tax Filing Deadlines - Business and Personal Taxes


April 15, 2009 Tax Deadlines

Federal Income Tax Return Due: April 15th is the due date for 2008 income tax returns for workers living inside the U.S. (The deadline for certain workers and military personnel working and living outside the U.S. is June 15, 2009.)

If you cannot file by this date, use Form 4868 to request an extension until October 15, 2009. However, you must still pay your taxes by April 15th to avoid incurring penalties.

State Tax Returns: Most states have state tax filing dates of April 15th but not all do. Some states, including California, will automatically extend the filing deadline if you have filed for a federal extension.

For more information about individual state tax deadlines contact your own state department of revenue.

Household Employers: You must file Schedule H with Form 1040 and report employment taxes for any household employee that you paid $1,5000 or more to in the tax year 2008.

June 15, 2009 Tax Deadlines

1040 Filing Deadline for Certain Workers Living Outside the U.S.: June 15, 2009 is the personal income tax filing deadline for U.S. citizens and resident aliens that live and work, or are on military duty outside the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

If you cannot file your taxes on time, you can file for an extension until October, 15, 2009.

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