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About Joe Hefferon, Author, Blogger, Speaker

A Writer Using His Skills To Promote The Accomplishments Of Women


Joe Hefferon, Writer, Blogger, Speaker

Joe Hefferon, Writer, Blogger, Speaker

Joe Hefferon is a writer, speaker and blogger living in Toms River, New Jersey. He is the author of the noir crime novel, "The Sixth Session" and a personal development book inspired by the principles of architecture called "The 7th Level."

Hefferon was in law enforcement for 25 years before he retired as captain, and is a single dad and father of two (a daughter and son.) Despite his busy life, Joe has been gracious enough to contribute wonderful stories - interviews of extraordinary and inspiring women - to the Women In Business site.

Joe comes by his desire to support the interests of women honestly:

"I wanted to write about Spectacular Women because I admire them. My father died at 41 and my mother raised four young kids by herself, with a little support from my wonderful Aunts: Helen, Kate and Betty Ann. My mother was herself orphaned by 14 and quit high school to work. I admire the resilience of women who ignore adversity and just get done what needs doing. My way of honoring them is to find extraordinary women that other young people can admire, who they can aspire to emulate, women who are entrepreneurs, visionaries, and work in male-dominated professions, or like Karen, achieve the improbable by fostering solidarity with misogynist rulers in remote lands."

In his upcoming book he breaks down the architectural process into seven fundamental steps from creativity to planning and best practices:

"I teach you how to follow the steps to reorganize your life or design that big project you've been putting off - to write a book, become a chef or open a small business. The premise is that you conceive of you and your mission in terms of a place - to be designed, built and maintained. I have peppered the book with dozens of quotes from interviews and the writings of architects. I 'cross-apply' their wisdom from the built world to personal growth. It's a unique take on the subject matter and I've already gotten the attention of a few well-known architects who are curious to read how I portray their profession. It's not a book about architecture but about how architects work."

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