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Profiles of successful business women. Stories about famous women in business, top women CEOs and executives, rising women entrepreneurs and business owners, women on fire, women in politics, and working moms making it big.
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Statistics on the Rapid Growth in the Number of Women-Owned Businesses
In recent years (1997-2006) women businesses have experienced rapid growth in certain industries. The most impressive growth can be seen in the service sector.

How Did You Get Your Start in Business?
Read other business start-up stories for inspiration and tips or share your story about how you got started in business.

Famous Black Women Who Died in 2010

Here are some of the most famous African American women who passed away in 2010.

Women CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies in 2009
List of all women who served as CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies part or all of 2009.

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Inspiring Business Women of 2012
Inspiring Business Women of 2012.

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