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Profiles of Successful Business Women

Read inspiring profiles and interviews with successful business women. These are "ordinary" women who started small and are making it in the business world as successful women entrepreneurs.

Marian Pierre, CEO and Owner for CGI Protects
Hurricane Katrina Survivor Stories - Marian Pierre is CEO and founder of CGI Protects. During her 17 years as CEO of CGI Protects, Ms. Pierre has helped transform the company from a local guard services company to a security technology and services company.

Profiles of Successful Women in Business
Profiles and biographies of successful women in business. From powerful female CEOs to mompreneurs working from home, read about women making a splash in the business world.

Tanea Smith, Founder and Owner, She's Got Papers
She’s Got Papers produces a line of stationery bursting at the seams with inspiration. Founder and owner, Tanea, has designed three collections specifically for baby girls, teen girls, and women. The watercolor designs are beautifully hand-drawn and professionally packaged. Her stationery runs the gamut from whimsical to edgy, to chic and enlightening.

Angela Jia Kim
Successful woman entrepreneur Angela Jia Kim is a young, multi-talented professional. In addition to being an accomplished pianist (she even has several CDs out), she owns two businesses: Om Aroma & Co., that sells luxury organic spa and skincare products; and Savor the Success, a boutique social network for female entrepreneurs and professionals.

Derschaun Sharpley, Founder and President H.I.S. Organization
Woman entrepreneur, Derschaun Sharpley, is the president and founder of Helping Individuals Succeed (H.I.S.). Launched in August of 2004, H.I.S. is located in Detroit, Michigan and focuses on developing positive character, and building self-esteem in the lives of inner city youth.

Ann Bartlett, Founder and Owner of The Body In Balance Center
Profiles of successful business women. Business woman Ann Bartlett, is the founder and owner of The Body in Balance Center, Alexandria, Virginia.

Women Entrepreneurs in Africa
DoingBusiness.com offers profiles of seven women entrepreneurs in Africa, describing "reasons for their success, as well as some of the legal, regulatory, and practical obstacles they faced in expanding their business efforts."

Women in Business Success Story: Blac Gurlz Ink
My name is Spring Opara and I am the General Partner of Blac Gurlz Ink. Blac Gurlz Ink is a unique source for quality greeting cards for the LGBT community, as well as mainstream consumers.

Spirit in Action - Jessica Goldman Srebnick
Top business leader Jessica Goldman Srebnick shares her work-life balance strategies with other working moms. Chief Operating Officer for Goldman Properties hospitality division shares her work-life balance strategies with other working mothers. Successful business leader and working mom Jessica Goldman Srebnick shares her work-life balance...

8 Women Who Won The 2011 Citizens Medal - Part 1 of 2
Women who won the 2011 Citizens Medal: Mini profiles about Liz Alderman, Camilla Bloomquist, Judith Broder, Vijaya Emani, Janice Langbehn.

8 Women Who Won The 2011 Citizens Medal - Part 2 of 2
Women who won the 2011 Citizens Medal: Margaret Martin, Ida Martin, Michelle McIntyre-Brewer.

Profile Of Ana Maria Manzo - Part 1
Ana Manzo is an architect and writer from Venezuela. She has worked on projects for major corporations such as Kraft and Chrysler, as well as numerous industrial and residential projects. Profile of Ana Manzo by Joe Hefferon.

Profile Of Ana Maria Manzo - Part 2
Profile of Ana Maria Manzo, Architect (Venezuela). Only 25% of the architects in the U.S. are women. In this (part 2) interview with Ana Maria Manzo, writer Joe Hefferon shares her story, and her advice to other women aspiring to become architects.

Profile Of MaryAnna Nardone, Owner, MaryAnna's MediSpa, Woodbury, NY - Part 2
MaryAnna Nardone, Owner, MaryAnna's MediSpa, Woodbury, NY shares common misconceptions about skin care and why greasy, creamy lotions just clog the pores on your face.

Profile Of MaryAnna Nardone, Owner, MaryAnna's MediSpa, Woodbury, NY
Profile Of MaryAnna Nardone, Owner, MaryAnna's MediSpa, Woodbury, NY

Profile Of A. Yamina Collins
Successful Women Bloggers - A. Yamina Collins, Founder of Lit Blog YaminaToday.com. "The whole purpose of YaminaToday.com is really to educate, to motivate, to build up the community of writers and readers - sometimes with a side of humor."

Profile of A. Yamina Collins, Author Of "The Blueberry Miller Files" - Part 2
Profile of Yamina Collins, Author "The Blueberry Miller Files." Another strong influence for Yamina is her late mother DeVorice Jean Collins. There is a special section set aside for her mom on the site, where Yamina says, "She was so much more than the sum of her actions. She was an artist and a fighter, dedicated and loyal, proud and...

Why did Melissa Mayer leave a great, high paying job at Google to go work for...
Why did Melissa Mayer leave a great, high paying job at Google to go work for Yahoo! Reading through her Twitter tweets it becomes clear.

Profile of Kay Meredith
By Chris Cervantes. Kay Meredith, one of the greatest influences in classical dressage, is also an accomplished writer. From a humble upbringing in WV to becoming an international equestrian force to be reckoned with, Kay still enjoys life, her family, and, of course, horses.

Women CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies in 2009
List of all women who served as CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies part or all of 2009.

Kay Meredith, Professional Accomplishments
Kay Meredith, Professional Accomplishments, by Chris Cervantes. Kay Meredith's career surrounds the Olympic sport of Dressage (the science of mounted warfare), and she has represented the U.S. in countries throughout the world, both as a team member and as an individual. She has also been a senior judge for more than twenty years. A published...

Interview With Photographer Cherly Richards

Kathy Eskritt, A Horse Trainer Saving One Llife At A Time
This story is about a woman named Kathy Eskritt who runs her own small business training horses and riders, and the horses she rescues out of the kindness of her own heart. I began following her on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with one particular story about a horse she rescued and named Snowy. The more I saw Snowy’s transformation the more I knew I wanted to write about it.

Michelle Patterson
Meet Michelle Patterson, powerhouse, visionary, accelerator! Pattersons business acumen and impressive rolodex has led to her being labeled by the media as an acceleration executive that focuses on helping individuals, corporations, and small businesses grow faster.

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