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Strategies to Save a Struggling Business

Solutions and strategies for saving a business that is struggling or already in crisis.
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Ways to Increase Your Sales for Children's Products and Services
In good times, purchases are often seen and felt like rewards- like “you deserve it.” In tough times, purchases seem more like sacrifices – more along the lines of “I really shouldn’t.” Here are tips to help you get parents to feel good about buying your products.

How to Sell Your Products When No One Seems to be Buying
When finances are tight, consumers want to spend money on something they feel will improve the quality of their life – a purchase they can feel good about – or on something that is absolutely necessary (mandatory spending).

7 Ways to Save on Office Supply Costs
Here are 7 ways to find the best discounts, save on costs, get free stuff for your business, and how not to pay sales tax.

IRS Payment Options if You Cannot Pay Your Taxes
IRS employees now have greater discretion in offering payment options to tax payers in financial crisis. Here is information about options including payment plans, fee waivers, and renegotiating installment agreements that you might be able to benefit from.

Aggressive Steps to Take to Resolve A Lack of Working Capital
If you are not in the financial position to put your own cash into your business you will need to find it somewhere else. If you cannot find cash you need to cut your expenses and consider downsizing.

Women Business Owners Are Harder Hit in a Tough Economy Than Men
Women often use their own personal financial resources to fund their businesses. When their businesses cannot pay them they cannot put money back into their business and a vicious downward financial cycle begins.

Struggling Business Problem #2 - Not Enough Working Capital
You need working capital to run and grow your business. When you lack working capital here are some ideas how to resolve your cash flow problems.

How to Assess Your Business to Develop Better Strategies
Better Business Strategies - How to Assess Your Business. The most important rule when assessing your business is to completely separate the business from yourself. A business assessment should look at the strengths and weaknesses of your business – not yourself.

Working Capital - What Not to do When Your Business is Struggling
If you own a sole proprietorship any debt your business carries will likely affect your personal finances and credit rating. If your business is struggling and needs working capital here are things you should not do.

Tips For Making Your Business More Profitable

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