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Stress Fighting Tips for Business Women

Work got you stressed out? Here are tips, strategies, and ideas for reducing stress in your days and finding better ways to balance the demands of work, family, and your personal life.

5 Ways to Get in Step With the Slow Movement
Slow is here to stay, say passionate practitioners of the Slow Movement. Read on for ways to designate a no-hurry zone in your life. Learn how the Slow Movement can help reconnect you to your roots and enjoy life with gusto.

5 Websites to Unwind With
Bookmark these five websites to help tame tension. Help bring balance to your routine with these websites for stress relief.

Catch the Spirit of "Get Caught Reading" Month
Get inspired to slow down, soothe stress, and savor a good read with Get Caught Reading Month. May is Get Caught Reading Month, but you can enjoy the rewards of a good book all year long.

Summer Fun 51: Fifty-plus Ideas for Stress Relief
From feng shui to breathing exercises, organizational tricks to family game night, relax this summer with 51 ideas for stress relief at home and work. Relish a bit of relaxation at work and home with 51 ideas for stress relief.

Connecting With the "Slow Movement:" Slow Living Sources
From slow food to slow travel, follow these links for a fresh focus on work-life balance.

Tips From Wellness Expert John McKee on How to Sleep Better at Night
I asked professional business coach, successful author, and wellness expert how women can learn to rest better and resist the temptation to work when they cannot sleep if the home office beckons them in the middle of the night. Here is what he had to offer.

How Women in High-Drive Can Learn to Slow Down (Now and Again)
In the daily race to succeed, many women miss out on life itself. Gone is the "9-to-5" routine and in its place women found that to fit in all they need to accomplish in a day their norm is "5-to-9." Tips and strategies to help you unwind and slow down in order to regain your momentum.

Knit It Out: Soothe Stress a Stitch at a Time
Work-Life Balance Tips: Knitting to Reduce Stress. No matter our age, gender, or background, knitting can help keep us centered, calm, creative, and connected to our communities. Read on for how you can unwind with yarn and enjoy the soothing benefits of knitting.

Get Caught Listening! June is National Audio Book Month
Get Caught Listening - June is National Audio Book Month! For parents on the go or professionals seeking to slow down and soothe stress, an audio book is a portable pastime that suits any schedule. Get caught listening to an audio book today!

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