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3 Services You Should Never Pay For


Here are three business services commonly offered by scam artists business owners should never pay for.

1. Credit Repair Services

There are good companies and good reasons why you might benefit from a reputable credit repair service. But anything that they can do for you, you can do on your own if you have the time and knowledge.

Be wary of companies that say they can get a bad citation removed from your credit report. This is usually a scam. Most reporting agencies temporarily remove any disputed item on your report until it is investigated.

Bogus credit repair services dispute an item and run a new report for you and say "see? Gone!" But if the credit agency still finds you at fault the item will go right back onto your report.

Be sure to read "The Credit Repair Organizations Act" before you hire someone to "fix" your credit report.

2. Paid Forum and Blog Posters

There are many companies you can pay to visit your blog or forum and post comments to "beef" up your popularity.

I am a firm believer in adapting to the real interests and demands of customers and this becomes difficult to accomplish when your site has been artificially salted with fake posters.

While many will disagree with me, and it is extremely hard to get a new forum-based website going, steady and slow, honest and true, is always the best way to build your business in the long run.

A better way to use forums to market your business is to post in other peoples' forums. Done the right way, it can boost your own site faster and more reliably than hiring imposter posters.

3. Website Submission

There is no reason to pay anyone to submit your website, blog, or online business site to search engines. You can easily do this yourself for free, and in many cases there is no need to do it at all.

The best way to get your website noticed by search engines is to create a quality site, with relevant content and good search engine optimization. You should also have two important files that offer instructions to robots: the robots.txt file and a site-map.file.

Frequently submitting your website to search engines (repeatedly asking them to include you) can even hurt your ranking.

Companies that offer to submit your site to hundreds of search engines either do not know what they are doing or are just trying to take your money.

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