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Fundraising Ideas and Resources for Small Businesses

Find Cash to Start Your Small Business


Fundraising is something many organizations shy away from. It often brings to mind used car sales tactics. That is, hiking up the price on an item for more than it is worth. This feeling is made worse by the fact fundraisers often sell products people would not ordinarily even buy.

Choosing the right event or product to sell can be tough. You should approach the subject as if it were a product line you were planning to sell - do some market research before deciding on a fundraiser.

Community Fundraising By Selling Products

The right fundraising campaign should be fun, easy, and hopefully, profitable to your business. If you are fortunate enough to have a posse of volunteers ready to help, your options can include community-based events in your roster of fundraising activities.

In addition to the usual car washes, your volunteers can sell products - just like children do to raise money for schools. They can sell to family, friends, or even station volunteers outside banks, stores, etc. (check with your local city hall as you may need a permit to do this). "How to Do Product Fundraising Right" is a great article with links to product fundraising resources. It also offers tips on how to evaluate a company and the product pricing.

Other Fundraising Options

If you just do not have the man power to get out and fundraise you have three other options:

Online Auction Services

  • BenefitEvents.com: Provides custom online auction fundraising software and consulting services to nonprofit organizations. They help expand and administer traditional live Gala events, as well as to produce and manage online only events of any size, duration or frequency.
  • eBay's Mission Fish: Register your charity and anyone selling online can opt to donate a portion of their eBay sales back to your organization.
  • ActorsFund.org: Raises funds for helps entertainment and performing arts professionals in theater, film, music, opera, television and dance through a broad spectrum of social, health, employment, and housing programs that their critical needs.

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