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SEO Your Way to Success – The Basics of Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO, Why it is so Important and How to Avoid SEO Scams


If your business relies on the Internet for sales or marketing you need to embrace SEO (search engine optimization) as a way of web-life. If people cannot find you on the Internet your business' success will be limited. It is important that your website be accessible to both search engine robot crawlers and to the human reader.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term to describe how material posted to the Internet is formatted, presented, and identified for the purpose of showing up higher and more frequently in search engine query results.

SEO strategies can be applied to many parts of a website including the content (text) on websites and blogs, images and videos, hyperlinks, and meta data and meta tags. Robots scan the information humans see, but they also look at the code behind the scenes web visitors do not see.

What are Robots, Spiders, WebAnts, and Worms? Data collecting companies find and explore your website using robots. It is also important to understand what robots are so that you can create meta data and optimize your website and to keep malicious robots from taking over your site.

Why Good SEO is Necessary

Understanding What SEO Does for a Website: A website with good SEO attracts robots and provides instructions, descriptions, and content that robots can understand, analyze, and assign relevance to. A site with poor SEO will either get ignored, or worse - tagged as spam or blacklisted.

Think of SEO as advertising your website to search engines. If robots do not know about you, like what they see, or cannot understand what you are saying, you will not get search engine "air time."

SEO Tips - How to Write Winning Meta Titles: A meta title can name a web page. This title is displayed by the browser, and tells a reader what page they are on. Meta titles are read by search engine robots, and seen by site visitors. It is important to write good meta titles for successful SEO.

Does Anyone Really Know How to SEO?

Yes. There are many reputable companies and freelancers that can help you optimize your website. But there are far more that will take your money, copyrights to your SEO data, and that can and will ruin your website without a second thought.

Creating valuable meta data and optimizing a website requires certain unique writing skills and an extensive knowledge of how robots work. Think of it this way, anyone can write an advertising slogan, but not all advertising slogans will help to sell a product.

Because there are so many companies now offering scam SEO services be sure you know what the basics of SEO, read fine print in SEO contracts. A common unethical practice is for an SEO company to take the copyrights to your meta data and then charge you a monthly fee to use it. When you cancel the contract, they wipe your website clean of all meta data.

Be sure to be an educated SEO consumer and learn more on how to avoid getting taken by a bad SEO company:

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