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Women In Math And Science

Read profiles of women engineers, mathematicians, physicists, and other science fields who use their smarts to improve our world and encourage other women to take their place in the sun in typically male-dominated "brainiac" fields.

Profile of Dr. Deborah Berebichez - Part 1
Profile of Dr. Deborah Berebichez - Dr. Berebichez is the first Mexican-born woman to earn her Ph.D in physics from Stanford University. Known as the "Science Babe," she shows us how physics can fun and encourages more women to enter into scientific fields. Guest article by Joe Hefferon.

Profile of Dr. Deborah Berebichez - Part 2
Dr. Deborah Berebichez shows how science surrounds us in every day life -- right down to the physics of high heel shoes.

Profile Of Ana Maria Manzo - Part 2
Profile of Ana Maria Manzo, Architect (Venezuela). Only 25% of the architects in the U.S. are women. In this (part 2) interview with Ana Maria Manzo, writer Joe Hefferon shares her story, and her advice to other women aspiring to become architects.

Profile Of Ana Maria Manzo - Part 1
Ana Manzo is an architect and writer from Venezuela. She has worked on projects for major corporations such as Kraft and Chrysler, as well as numerous industrial and residential projects. Profile of Ana Manzo by Joe Hefferon.

Profile of Nina Ferrer
Profile of Nina Ferrer, Architect, Interior Designer, Television Personality. Nina is an award-winning dancer, a photographer, and painter and worked as a project manager in corporate design. She studied a variety of arts, including sculpture before settling on architecture. She was a contestant on HGTV's Design Star and co-host of Clean House NY.

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