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Review of Copper Project Management Web-Based Services

Copper Project - A Little Known Company Worth Getting to Know Better

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Copper Project is worth its weight in gold.

Copper Project is worth its weight in gold.

Copper Project
If you want a powerful online project management tool to track projects, invoice clients, and a tool that allows you to tightly control client access (including a read-only option) then check out Copper Project, Online Project Management Software. The web-based version is easily customized and even easier to set-up.

Copper Project is ideal for budget-tight solo businesses all the way up to giant corporations that do not want to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get high-end project management tools.

Features and Prices

Copper Project is an affordable web-based solution (with options to purchases licenses) for a variety of project management and time, budget, and cost tracking needs suitable for small and large businesses.

There are four levels of online services available to choose from and two types of licenses you can purchase if you want Copper's project management application to run on your own servers.

All packages come with:

  • Unlimited projects - a huge plus for companies that have multiple clients and internal projects.

  • Unlimited client tracking (but plans determine how many users you can have).

  • Budget tracking including your cost vs. what you charge clients, billable and nonbillable hours.

  • System generated invoicing and cost estimates using your own customized forms.

  • Gantt chart views and timelines (which are also movable.)

  • Great storage - the cheapest plan ($29 per month at the time of this review) allows for 5 users, unlimited projects, and 5 GB of storage. The Corporate plan allows for 50 users, unlimited projects and 50 GB of storage (there are other plans in between.)

  • Email and share comments through projects or groups.

Prices start at $29 per month, with packages for $49, $99, and $199 per month. The $199 per month plan is ideal for large businesses as it allows for unlimited users, unlimited storage, and priority support.

The Pros

  • Free 30-day trial period.

  • Competitively priced and affordable for small businesses.

  • Low-priced plans come with more storage than competitors offer for comparable prices.

  • Good tutorials and FAQs.

  • Huge plus - the ability to enter historical data and backdate items as done (you cannot do that with BaseCamp.) This allows you to enter past project and client information with accurate dates so you can have complete information.
  • Moderately priced plans come with email support.

  • Fully customizable look (most project management services allow you to add your logo, Cooper Project allows you to change the header, add invoice templates, change tags, and more.

  • User interface is simple and intuitive and clients will have an easy time viewing data at a glance without having to learn the system.

The Cons

There really are very few cons about this company's services. I do have one minor complaint about the user interface - to log out you must click on your account name for a menu of options to appear. Clients who access to site for the first time may not know where to find the log out feature.

Customer Service

I emailed customer service with a minor problem and received a human response within five hours (on a Saturday.) The problem was resolved immediately.
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 5 out of 5
Copper Project Management, Member iwaumtb

The only thing I would add is that Copper Project's team is really helpful if you purchase their license. They do not abandon you as soon as you send them payment. I think the company must be still young enough that it actually cares about individual clients still!

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