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Gift Ideas and Guidelines for Your Boss and Co-Workers

Gift Giving Guidelines Vary Depending Upon Your Relationship With Your Boss


Gift Ideas For a Boss Strictly on Professional Terms

If you rarely see or do not work closely with your boss, but still want to give her/him a gift, keep it formal and simple.

Examples of "formal" gifts include professional items like calendars, pens and pencils, photo frames, and other items that can be used in the workplace. Other acceptable gifts are coffee, tea, plants, and simple gift baskets.

Do not give cash, handmade items, or gift cards to co-workers or boss that you have a strictly professional relationship with. An exception to gift cards would be if you were giving a group gift from a team or department. In this case, it would be acceptable to give a group gift card or certificate.

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Gift Ideas for a Friendly or Boss You Work Closely With

If you have a close working relationship with your boss you can give any "professional" gift, but may also give appropriate handmade gifts, gift cards, and items that are geared to personal interests including books, nick-knacks, hats, scarves, gloves, jewelry (within guidelines, of course.)

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