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10 Tools To Step Up Your Social Networking Game

Free / Cheap Social Networking Tools To Save Time And Brand Your Business


If you do not have the time, or you are spending too much time, logging into accounts and studying analytics, trends, and behaviors across multiple platforms, here are tools and services to help you step up your social networking game in less time.

1. AgoraPulse

If you depend on Facebook for building your business, this tool can help save you time and give you insights into your Facebook presence, as well as of your competitors. A bit pricey ($29 per month) but worth checking into. Managing Facebook is time consuming, but it also "sucks" you in. It is easy to get sidetracked and distracted with status updates and before you know it, you end up all over the place. This tool can help keep you focused on what you see is most important when it comes to managing Facebook pages.

2. Commun.it

The principle of reciprocity made simple. This free tool helps you grow and manage your social relationships with Twitter users. Now you can easily see who is retweeting on your behalf so you can reciprocate, study keywords to help you engage a wider audience and much more. A great perk: manage multiple Twitter profiles from a single dashboard.

3. Crowdbooster

Similar in concept to Hootsuite, this is a more expensive option. However, Crowdbooster also makes suggestions about the best times to post, and will prompt you if you have not responded to a comment. Crowdbooster offers some great real-time analytics, but due to its pricing structure is better suited for large businesses with multiple users and accounts.

4. Cyfe

This services allows you to collect analytical data from multiple sources so you do not have to log into individual dashboards for data from websites, social networks, etc. The Cyfe dashboard allows you to collect and review data from Google Analytics, Google Webmasters, create custom Google Alerts, social networking metrics, as well as Twitter/Google+ Searches. This can be helpful for building your brand -- and protecting it. You can set up your dashboard to include information about negative mentions where you may not be tagged. Also handy, you can give read-only URL data to clients. No more lengthy report preparation combining marketing reports from multiple sources.

5. HootSuite

For a long, glorious time, this social media management tool was free. While there is a free version (manage five social profiles), the plans do offer more power worth exploring. You can manage multiple Twitter accounts, schedule Tweets, and see who has talking about you at a glance. If you have not used Hootsuite in a while, the service now offers management for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, FourSquare, MySpace, WordPress, Mixi, and App Directory making it one of the most versatile social management tools on the web. For $9.99 a month (their lowest tier plan) you can really save yourself a lot of time and headaches if you have multiple platforms or accounts to manage.

6. ManagerFlitter

Using ManagerFlitter you can sort, filter, and manage who you follow on Twitter on multiple Twitter accounts. This allows you to more readily see who you are following, but who has not followed you back. If Twitter won't let you follow any more folks because you do not have enough followers, this tool can help you decide who to unfollow (available on their free plan.) The tool also offers analytics and "PowerPost," a feature that schedules Tweets across time zones. To get the most out of this service, however, you probably will need to purchase one of their plans (starting at $12 per month, but you can cancel at anytime.)

7. Reachli (formerly known as Pinerly)

A relatively new analytic tool for Pinterest. In addition to helping you understand and reach deeper into Pinterest, they also offer income earning opportunities for publishers.

8. Screenr.com

This is a great website to use when you want to capture live action of what you are doing on your computer screen. Video gamers may use this to show off their skills, but you can use it to create tutorials. Fast, easy, and allows you imbed or link on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or download (mp4 file format) and put your video on your own website. Works with PC and MAc and screencast videos are even accessible from mobile devices.

9. Triberr

Based on the age old adage, "it takes a village" Triberr is a community of bloggers helping each other out. Log in using Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn and start helping others by promoting their latest posts over multiple networks. Instead of groups, you join "tribes" to help you connect with, and find others with similar topics to share. This concept is well within Google's SEO guidelines because, unlike other services, Triberr is not riddled with fake posters simply sharing links and posting fake items.

10. YouTube’s Audience Retention Report

If you use YouTube you should be aware the YouTube, like search engines, employs algorithms to rank and show video suggestions. If you are paying for people to post comments or simply like your video, it can backfire and will still not be as powerful as viewer retention. What seems to be a significant factor in YouTube algorithms is whether or not people actually watch your entire video. By using their analytical data tools you can monitor your viewer retention rate and see it compared to others. This data can help you decide if your videos are really resonating with your audience -- if they bail part way through, you might want to change your message or shorten it.

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