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How to Customize a Business Page on Facebook


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Using Apps to Customize Your Facebook Page
Create a Business Page on Facebook!

Create a Business Page on Facebook!


In order to create a custom look for your Facebook page you need to use "apps." The term "apps" is a shortened version of the word "applications." An app is a program that is written to do a specific task(s) that can be integrated into an existing application. Apps do not work by themselves; they must be added to a device or other software program or application in order to work.

There are many apps you can use on Facebook and some are more complicated to use than others. When customizing your Facebook page, it helps to have a knowledge of HTML programming and basic web design.

To find available apps go to your Facebook page, select "Edit Page" at the top right, and then click on "Apps" on the left hand sidebar. You will see a list of a few standard apps most commonly used on Facebook. You do not have to use any of these apps and for each purpose they server, there are other options available. To view or use any of these apps, simply select the option "Go to App."

To find more app choices, click on the link below the standard apps, "Browse More Applications.

When searching for apps to customize the appearance of your Facebook page, skip the menu choices and go right to the "search" box. Good search terms to find design apps include: "custom," "customize page" and "FBML."

What is FBML?

The term "FBML" stands for "Facebook Markup Language." FBML is the code language used in apps that all HTML code. FBML works with most HTML codes, but not all. When you search apps for FBML, you will find apps that can be used to customize the look of your business page.

Static FBML is probably the most widely used app for customization. It requires a knowledge of HTML but otherwise is not difficult to use.

Create a look for your page in HTML, copy the code into the app and give it a title. The title will automatically be added to your pages' left sidebar with a link to the sub-page. For example, you might use Static FBML to create an "About Us" page.

Because there are many apps and techniques involved in customizing your Facebook page, it cannot be covered in this short overview of creating a Facebook page. Apps are discussed in more detail separately.

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