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Omgili - Tools and Tips For Using This Discussion-Based Search Engine

OMIGLI Stands For "Oh My God I Love It" And You Will


What is Omgili?

OMGILI stands for "Oh My God I Love It!" And, if you are a hound for business trends you will love how this search engine can deliver consumer-driven discussion information in seconds.

Omgili is a free, micro search engine designed to find information about what people are talking about in forums. A powerful place to find answers - and to study what types of questions consumers are asking, is in discussion forums.

Omgili returns queries on searches found in forums that are question and answer driven, and includes posts relating to consumer opinions, debates and discussions, personal experiences, and of course, questions and answers.

Omgili Tips And Tools

Indexing Tool Tips: Omgili is a great place to search for information, but Omgili also offers a forum indexing tool thay can be added to your own forum. This may increase your chances of appearing in the Omgili search engine which may lead to an increase in traffic.

Tip: If your forum is already ranking high in search engines, and already showing in Omgili results you might want to think twice before adding this tool.

Multilingual Search Engine: Omgili is a multilingual search engine, therefore, it is ideal if you are trying to study or reach global communities.

Searching Omgili: When searching Omgili use more than one phrase to get a more complete look at discussions. For example, you will get one set of results for "how to start a business" and another that may be different for "starting a business."

You should also search more than one type of source to gain even more micro information about a subject. To do this, use Google@Omgili, a feature that offers a mashup with Google search. Delivers traditional Google search returns with a side bar showing if there is any social buzz from and about sources such as blogs, newsgroups, video-sharing sites, forums, discussion boards, Q&A sites, and review sites.

Through Google@Omgili you can fine tune searches to check for latest discussions about/on videos, blogs, newsgroups, the web, discussions, and news sites. Two other options on Google@Omgili include:

  • Omgili Buzz
  • Omgili Q&A: Searches only question and answer type sites.

Omgili Tools to Try

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