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How To Negotiate Commercial Leases

Tips on how to negotiate the best possible terms on a commercial lease. Negotiating CAM fees, repairs and buildouts, parking, and services. Learn how to get the most out of your office, retail, industrial or other commercial space lease or sublease.

Standard Terms in Commercial Leases
I cannot emphasize this point strongly enough: if you do not understand every term in a lease agreement do not sign it until you do. Here are standard terms that should always be included in every commercial lease.

Commercial Leasing Red Flags - Leases You Should Not Sign
Here are a few "red flag" warnings to help you recognize a potentially bad leasing deal.

How to Negotiate Commercial Leases That Favor Tenants
Detailed advice to help you negotiate commercial leases. Tips on how to submit a counter offer; sample offer letter; what commercial property lease terms are negotiable; and how to negotiate leasing terms to get the best deal possible.

How to Find and Negotiate Commercial Leases for Business Space
Everything women need to know about how the type of commercial space your business needs, how to find the right space, lease types and terms, and how to negotiate and price commercial leases.

How to Negotiate CAM Fees in Commercial Leases
Should a tenant pay CAM fees? What are standard CAM fees and what are unreasonable CAM fees? Tips on how to negotiate CAM and administrative fee terms in commercial leases.

3 Questions to Ask Before Negotiating or Signing a Commercial Lease
Commercial Leasing Tips - Women can negotiate commercial real estate leases just was well as men. Negotiating begins with knowing the right questions to ask about a lease. Here are the three most important questions to ask before negotiating or signing a commercial lease for space for your business.

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