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Resources for Minority-Owned & Women-Owned Businesses in Wisconsin

Resources for Women and Minorities to Start or Grow a Business in Wisconsin


Resources for Woman-Owned Businesses in Wisconsin

Resources for Minority-Owned Business Owners in Wisconsin

General Resources for All Business Owners in Wisconsin

  • Entreprenuers and Start-Ups: Includes links to permits, publications, business plans, and other types of assistance to get your business started.
  • Wisconsin Angel Network: Offers assistance in finding an angel investor in Wisconsin.
  • Business Wizard: Use the business wizard to help determine the types of permits and licenses you need for your business, and how to obtain them.
  • Business Registration: Information on registering a business in Wisconsin.
  • Community Economic Resources: Resources at local-community level to attract new businesses and help existing community-based business grow.
  • Wisconsin Entrepreneurs Network: Locate and apply for grants for training and support to help you establish or grow your business in Wisconsin.
  • Wisconsin Business Development Resources: Resources to help Wisconsin businesses prosper through a combination of technical and financial assistance programs including business planning, site selection, initial capitalization, permitting, employee training, research and development, and business expansion.

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