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Marketing Strategies for Targeting Mobile Devices Users - iPad

Do You Know How Many People Use iPads for Social Networking? Millions!


The first thing you need to do in order to successfully market your business or services to iPad users is to determine who is using iPads, how they are using their mobile devices, and what those demographics mean to you. The second thing you need to know is how to reach them.

Get Serious Marketing Data: Add Google Analytics To Your Website!

If you already have a website, hands down one of the best tools you can use to understand who is using your website (and how to improve your website marketing strategies) is Google Analytics. Studying your competition is critical, but never underestimate the value of studying your own website reports.

Google Analytics will tell you how many people are accessing your site each day, the keywords they used to find your website, where the live, the browser they used, and how long they stay on your website. But an overlooked report Google offers is how many people are accessing your site via mobile devices -- and even specifically what those devices are (i.e., iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.)

Demographics Show iPad Users of All Ages Love Social Networks

AdAge Blogs reports some very interesting (and business inspiring) statistics about iPad user demographic:

  • 55% of all time spent on social networks by iPad users are ages 34-49 years old.
  • 35-49 spends 45 minutes on average per day on social networks
  • 47% of iPad owners are age 13-34
  • 50-64 age group users spend an average of 20 minutes per day on social networks
  • More than 154 million minutes are spent on social networks alone every single day

What We Know and What We Can Deduce

To make sense of the above data depends on looking at what you know and what you can infer from what you already know. For example, the above statistics state that 55% of the time spent in social networks is by the iPad user age group 34-49 years old. We also know that 154 million minutes are spent on social networks each day; 55% of that time is spent by users 34-49 years old; so:

  • 154,000,000 * .55 = 84,700,000 minutes are by people aged 35-49

We also know that this age group spends an average of 45 minutes on social networks, therefore:

  • 84,700,000 / 45 minutes = 1,882,222 iPad social network users each day are age 35-49

Using this information we can further breakdown other groups and determine that if 47% of iPad users are 13-14; and we now know that 1,882,222 people constitutes 55% of all users we can determine how many people the other 45% equates to by using simple percent formulas to determine the total number of users:

  • 1,882,222 / 55% = 3,422,221.82 Total iPad users each day; therefore
  • 3,422,221.82 * .45 = 1,539,999.82 is the total number of people in other ages groups.

We can also determine now that 47% of iPad owners) ages 13-34) = 1,608,444.26

What This Means To Your Mobile Marketing Campaign

Almost anyone can see from the data that targeting to folks in the 35-49 age group bracket means you will reach the largest population of iPad users and the age group that spends the most time on social networks. But before you set off in a narrow direction, don't overlook the 50-64 age group in favor of the larger crowd.

The 50-64 age group is still very social (and averages 20 minutes per day on social networks) and, because this age group is mostly likely staying in touch with family, including grown children and grandkids, you might actually reach other, younger crowds through Facebook because of how Facebook works to connect, share, and "like." Grandparents buy birthday and holiday gifts, they read, travel, and looks for ways to improve their quality of life. Just because there are fewer people in a particular demographic does not mean it is a waste of time marketing to them, in fact, you might even gain an edge of other companies are only going after the "bigger fish."

Reaching Your Market Via Social Networks

Facebook is a fast-growing social network that currently is accessed significantly more by mobile users than stand-alone PC users. If you want to reach iPad users, you should have a Facebook business page, and should consider using Facebook ads to reach your market.

Twitter is also very popular, so having a "Follow Us" option on your website may boost your business.

Google Plus is the new kid on the block, but since Google remains the king of search engines, there could come a day when Google Plus becomes integrated into its search engine algorithms. Now is the time to get a jump on this new social network.

iPad Apps are another way to reach users. If you have a great app idea for your business you may need to hire someone to create and implement it for you, but having an app that goes viral can be gold for your business.

Blogs are another way to reach people socially, as are forums. Allowing people to subscribe to an RSS feed (which you can also have automatically update Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and many other platforms) helps spread the word about your business. Frequently update blogs (or websites) lets people and search engines know you are actively manning the helm.

Adobe Flash: A No-No For Reaching Mobile Device Users

iPad is a mobile device that can access the Internet anywhere there is a connection. Unlike smart phones, the iPad was designed to do a lot more than just connect to the Internet but shares a common problem: iPad users cannot view Flash files. Although many users report "work arounds" if your website relies on Flash, iPad (and most other mobile device users) are not going to be able to properly access your website.

There are two solutions: Do not use Flash on your site, or have a second site that displays differently for mobile device users.

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