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Marketing Definitions: What is Consumer Direct Marketing?

CDM is One Form of Network Marketing


Definition: Consumer direct marketing (CDM) has two different marketing definitions:

  1. In network marketing, "consumer direct marketing" is generally considered a deceptive term because it simply calls those who sell and promote products and services "consumers" instead of "distributors."

    The only key difference is that, in consumer direct marketing, to be called a "consumer" the distributor is required to buy the product for their own personal use.

  2. The term consumer direct marketing can also refer to the practice of direct target marketing a group of consumers such as homeowners, retirees, or other groups that represent a specific (targeted) marketing demographic.

Also Known As: Network marketing, Consumer-Direct Marketing, CDM.

Example: As soon as Beverly got her realtor's license she sent postcards to all the addresses listed in her zip code. She hoped purchasing a mailing list for consumer direct marketing in her home town would bring her new prospective home buyers faster than word-of-mouth alone.

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