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3 Questions to Ask Before Negotiating or Signing a Commercial Lease

Woman Business Owners Who Ask the Right Questions Negotiate the Best Deals


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Geri Lavrov/ Photographer's Choice/ Getty Images Be sure to ask questions before signing a lease.

The space looks great, the rent seems right. But is it really the best deal you can get? Never sign a lease without asking questions about terms, increases, and if there is room for negotiation.

Women Business Owners Can Negotiate Commercial Leases as Effectively As Men

It is particularly important for women business owners to ask the right questions about commercial leasing. Women may be unfairly taken advantage of for a variety of discrimination-based reasons if a landlord senses ignorance or impulsiveness on the part of the party interested in leasing space.

Women are just as capable of negotiating a good deal in commercial leases as men are, but negotiating starts with asking the right questions.

Once you have answers to the right questions, you can research more about types of leases, leasing terms, negotiating commercial leases. You will also be better able to plan your finances, and your negotiation strategies if you know what questions to ask.

The Three Most Important Questions to Ask Before Negotiating or Signing a Commercial Real Estate Lease

There are many questions you can and should ask before leasing commercial property. However, no matter what else you ask, you need to include asking three very important questions. If you do not, you are almost certain to overpay for space for your business.

Three questions every woman should ask about commercial leasing include:

  1. What Type of Commercial Lease is Being Offered?
  2. Are the Terms of the Commercial Lease Negotiable?
  3. What Insurance Coverage Does the Lease Require?

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