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Inspiring Women Series by Joe Hefferon

Inspiring Women Series by Joe Hefferon

Profile/Interview of Tali Sharot, Neuroscientist
Profile/Interview of Tali Sharot, Neuroscientist, By Joe Hefferon. Part 1. "We're optimistic about ourselves, we're optimistic about our kids, we're optimistic about our families, but we're not so optimistic about the guy sitting next to us." Tali Sharot

About Joe Hefferon, Author, Blogger, Speaker
Joe Hefferon is a writer, speaker and blogger living in West Haven, New Jersey. He is the author of the noir crime novel, "The Sixth Session" and a personal development book inspired by the principles of architecture called "The 7th Level." His series of three interviews with remarkable women is published on Women In Business on the New York...

Profile of Dr. Deborah Berebichez - Part 1
Profile of Dr. Deborah Berebichez - Dr. Berebichez is the first Mexican-born woman to earn her Ph.D in physics from Stanford University. Known as the "Science Babe," she shows us how physics can fun and encourages more women to enter into scientific fields. Guest article by Joe Hefferon.

Profile of Dr. Deborah Berebichez - Part 2
Dr. Deborah Berebichez shows how science surrounds us in every day life -- right down to the physics of high heel shoes.

Profile Of Ana Maria Manzo - Part 1
Ana Manzo is an architect and writer from Venezuela. She has worked on projects for major corporations such as Kraft and Chrysler, as well as numerous industrial and residential projects. Profile of Ana Manzo by Joe Hefferon.

Profile Of Ana Maria Manzo - Part 2
Profile of Ana Maria Manzo, Architect (Venezuela). Only 25% of the architects in the U.S. are women. In this (part 2) interview with Ana Maria Manzo, writer Joe Hefferon shares her story, and her advice to other women aspiring to become architects.

Profile of Nina Ferrer
Profile of Nina Ferrer, Architect, Interior Designer, Television Personality. Nina is an award-winning dancer, a photographer, and painter and worked as a project manager in corporate design. She studied a variety of arts, including sculpture before settling on architecture. She was a contestant on HGTV's Design Star and co-host of Clean House NY.

Profile Of Karen Tse, Founder International Bridges to Justice
Author Joe Hefferon shares highlights of an interview with a remarkable woman, Karen Tse, who is on a mission to end torture in 93 countries. Karen is an international human rights attorney and the CEO of the organization she founded, International Bridges to Justice.

Profile of Karen Tse - Part 2
In Part 2 of his profile of Karen Tse, author Joe Hefferon shares the Tse literally puts her life on the line to improve human rights and seeks to end confession by torture practices throughout the world. Haunted in childhood by nightmares of human rights atrocities, Karen now boldly works with police, prison officials and politicians to help...

Profile of Hilary Farr, Designer, Business Owner, "Love It or List It" Star
Profile of Hilary Farr, Designer, Business Owner, "Love It or List It" Star - Hilary Farr is one of the co-stars of the HGTV hit Love It Or List It, along with the charmingly snarky David Visentin. What advice does Hilary offer to someone who is considering a career in design? "I don't mean to sound flippant but - you must understand business or...

Profile Of MaryAnna Nardone, Owner, MaryAnna's MediSpa, Woodbury, NY - Part 2
MaryAnna Nardone, Owner, MaryAnna's MediSpa, Woodbury, NY shares common misconceptions about skin care and why greasy, creamy lotions just clog the pores on your face.

Profile Of MaryAnna Nardone, Owner, MaryAnna's MediSpa, Woodbury, NY
Profile Of MaryAnna Nardone, Owner, MaryAnna's MediSpa, Woodbury, NY

Profile Of A. Yamina Collins
Successful Women Bloggers - A. Yamina Collins, Founder of Lit Blog YaminaToday.com. "The whole purpose of YaminaToday.com is really to educate, to motivate, to build up the community of writers and readers - sometimes with a side of humor."

Profile of A. Yamina Collins, Author Of "The Blueberry Miller Files" - Part 2
Profile of Yamina Collins, Author "The Blueberry Miller Files." Another strong influence for Yamina is her late mother DeVorice Jean Collins. There is a special section set aside for her mom on the site, where Yamina says, "She was so much more than the sum of her actions. She was an artist and a fighter, dedicated and loyal, proud and...

Rachel Thompson, The Yoda Of Snark, And Social Media Maven
Profile of Rachel Thompson - Branding and social media expert - and author, this inspiring woman pens everything from comics to essays to a new chapter in her own life. Founder of Bad Redhead media, Rachel Thompson is a powerhouse business woman, and just plain darn funny.

Rachel Thompson, Bad Readhead, But Good Business Smarts
Rachel Thompson, author, social media marketing experpt. When not writing, she helps authors and other professionals with branding and social media for her company, BadRedhead Media.

Profile of Ellen Karis, Comedian
Profile of Ellen Karis, Comedian by Joe Hefferon. One of the more intriguing things about Ellen is her career change. She is a CPA with an MBA, a former Wall Streeter, who worked in the very command-center of comedy -- investment banking. So, how did the transition take place?

Profile of Ellen Karis, Comedian - Part 2
Profile of Ellen Karis, Comedian - Part 2. Be good. Be a professional. Don't be gross and dirty.

Profile of Deborah Ortiz, Dangerous Curves Productions
Profile of Deborah Ortiz, Dangerous Curves Productions - On a day of remembrance, September 11th, I had the honor of speaking with filmmaker, writer, actress and producer, Deborah Louise Ortiz. The sad irony of our conversation is Deborah's production company, Dangerous Curves, is currently making a documentary about police officers who suffer...

Dangerous Curves Productions, Code 9 Documentary
About Dangerous Curves Productions, Code 9 Documentary, by Joe Hefferon. I'm retired after 25 years in law enforcement and know of at least three officers who took their own life during my career and many more who ruined lives with drug or alcohol abuse. What struck me in the trailer for the documentary is one speaker's reminder that if an...

Profile of Paula Scarcella
Paula has been in the direct-selling industry for 20 years. She was introduced to it in a rather strange way. "My daughter was in kindergarten at the time. The mother of one of her classmates called me and told me her husband had just started a new business. She asked me if I would take a look at it. The next day there was a video tape left at...

Profile of Paula Scarcella - Part 2
Profile of Paula Scarcella - Part 2. "It's always about the team, the field, the product and the customer."

Profile of Anthoula Katsimatides
Anthoula Katsimatides is an American actor from Queens, New York, born to Greek immigrants. Her inspiring story of her journey from politics to serving on the 2004 Olympic Committee to becoming an actress.

Profile of Anthoula Katsimatides - Part 2
Anthoula Katsimatides actress. An acting career is hard work, yet she still finds time to run a charitable foundation.

Profile of Safia Guerras - Part 2
Profile of Safia Guerras Part 2 - Safia has had an enviable itinerary, moving throughout Europe, the Middle East and as far south as Botswana. "I would like to tell you I made all these things happen, but I was in the right place with the right people and all my life I have been blessed." Her appreciation for what life has bestowed on her has...

Profile of Safia Guerras
Safia Guerras Author of "Lou Lou's World" - From model to children's book author. By Joe Hefferon. I didn't become a model because I wanted to be one, it just came to me. By 21 I owned my own money, the money was good, and I had the confidence that I could do anything. Even today I don't think twice about trying anything new."

Profile of Elise Ballard - "Epiphany"
Have you ever had an epiphany? Have you had a moment of clarity or insight that transformed your life? Have you ever looked back and wondered about the defining moments that shaped you, still drive you or unwittingly inspire you? Elisa Ballard did, and she wrote a book about inspiring moments in the lives of the famous and the ordinary.

Project Eve: About Founders Meridith Dennes, CEO and Kimberly Oksenberg, COO
About Project Eve and founders Meridith Dennes and Kimberly Oksenberg. Project Eve is a free, global networking platform for women. Learn how it got its start and about the amazing women behind this mega network for busy business women.

Rita Banerji, Founder of The 50 Million Missing Campaign - Part 1
The 50 Million Missing Campaign, Rita Banerji Part 1. A baby girl is abandoned on the streets in my city, before police to respond, street dogs kill her and start eating her. Joe Hefferon interview with a brave human rights activist.

Rita Banerji, Founder of The 50 Million Missing Campaign - Part 2
Female Gendercide in Society - The female gendercide is happening in context of a social gender hierarchy, so essentially even if women or girls get an education, the social paradigm ensures that it works against them, and always feeds the existent power structure. Essentially it is the powerful ensuring they retain power, by suppressing or...

Profile of Judith Abbate, Abbate Design
Profile of Judith Abbate, Abbate Design. Another inspiring story by Joe Hefferon. Judith Abbate is an award-winning book designer who has designed covers for major New York publishing houses for 25 years, both on staff and via her own design studio.

Profile Of Maggie Pazian, Visual Emotion
Profile Of Maggie Pazian, Visual Emotion, by Joe Hefferon. ...Some 30 plus years ago, Maggie Pazian was born Malgorzata Herbasz in communist Poland. After a tedious process Maggie's parents were able to secure 2 visas for Austria, which was a challenge for a family of three.

Profile of Christina Ayala
Profile of Christina Ayala, Chef and Restaurant Manager by Joe Hefferon. While many thirty-year-olds are still pining about what they want to be when they grow up, Christina is carefully arranging her options, putting things where they belong so she can set the right goals to accomplish the next phase. "When I first started some men were put off by this spunky little Spanish girl who would work hard but wasn't a pushover. I learned that women have a huge voice in their independence. I'm clear minded. I don't see grey. I will determine the best route for my career, whatever that may be."

Profile/Interview of Tali Sharot, Neuroscientist
We tend to be not optimistic when we think of more global events, so we are optimistic about ourselves but not about things we can't control or at least think we can't control. Optimism is related to a sense of control, so in some cases you may need to enhance this sense of optimism in employees about your company by giving them more control over the direction of the company.

Profile of Eden Baylee, Erotica Author
Profile of Eden Baylee, Author, by Joe Hefferon. I've been thinking about Eden a lot since I met with her last week. I wanted to write this immediately but I couldn't find the right mindset to convey her archetype. She's a writer, I concluded. Well, that's almost trite. Is that the best I could muster? Well no, but Eden is a real writer. She writes every day. She's thoughtful, imaginative, intellectual, humble enough to be open-minded and confident enough to be speak authoritatively about her work. She's congenial, but you get the feeling she's not going to clutter her writer's life with your presence. It's not mean spirited. It's a quiet confidence that says, "I'm a writer - it's what I do, and I work alone."

Profile of Brazilian Biologist Juliana Machado Ferreira, PhD
Part 2 - Profile of Juliana Machado Ferreira, PhD

Profile of Brazilian Biologist (and angel) Juliana Machado Ferreira, PhD
Inspiring Women Series: Juliana Machado Ferreira, PhD, by Joe Hefferon. The best part of writing this series is that I get to spend time with women who are making a measurable difference in the world. They are pioneers and entrepreneurs. They are scientists, architects, writers and mothers. They are force of good for the under classes and hand up for those with inadequate resources. They are the mavens and connectors of Malcolm Gladwell's "Tipping Point." Some just work harder than the competition. All are remarkable.

Profile of Fine Art Photographer Lisa Dearing
Lisa Dearing, Wild Horse Photographer - When photographing animals you have to be patient. Something interesting always happens. There are long periods of watching them do nothing and then fifty horses will decide to run to a watering hole and all hell breaks loose. You have to be ready.

Profile of Suman Sharma

Danielle Hughes

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