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How to Track Down Spammers and File a Complaint - Part 1

The Darcyco.net SEO Scam – A Case Study in Tracking Down a Spammer


As long as a spammer still has an active website or email address they can often be tracked down. This is a case study in a new SEO phishing scam by a company using the domain name darcyco.net.

Below is an unsolicited email I received on 03/12/2009. It is a classic example of an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) spam scam and a phising scheme. "Phising” is a term used to describe an act in which someone attempts to trick you into giving out personal or other identifying information, or, in some cases, simply to validate your email address by badgering you into replying to an email.

I am going to show you line by line (or, should we say, lie by lie) why the email (a classic example of a scam) I received is a gimmick so that you can learn to more easily recognize shady SEO businesses and scam artists.

With a few simple (and free) inquiries, I was able to track down the sender's domain host in the United States and registrar in the Grand Caymans.

Word of Caution: Even if you hate spammers, never, ever reply to the sender to ask them not to contact you again. And, you should never click on “unsubscribe” links to anything you did not subscribe to. This is a common trick used by spammers to validate your email address. Instead of stopping future emails from a particular spammer, once your address is verified, it will be sold or shared with other spammers and you will end up with more unwanted emails. Even worse, clicking on links could download viruses to your computer.

If you want to go after a spammer contact the companies who facilitate their evil doings not the spammer! The spammer will not care about your complaints but their service providers probably will.

I repeat: never reply to spam emails and never click on links - not even "Unsubscribe" links. Never!

The entire spam email:

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