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International Business Etiquette and Customs

When International Customs Call For You to Kiss, Bow, Shake Shands,Bring Gifts


In the United States it is customary to shake hands in business dealings. But this is not always the case when doing business internationally. Here are resources to help you know how to conduct business without offending clients, customers, and businesses in other countries.

1. GetCustoms.com

Kiss, Bow, or Shakes Hands is offered by GetCustoms.com
Terri Morrison and Wayne A. Conaway
This is a wonderful website for any business woman running an international business, or who simply needs to know how to interact with clients from other countries. Much of the information is free, although you can purchase books that deal with specific customs in various countries.

GetCustoms.com even offers a fun online test to see how much you know about international business customs and etiquette (I failed, and miserably so!).

2. International Business Center

International Business Center
International Business Center
The International Business Center offers free, comprehensive information about traveling to, and doing business with other countries on this somewhat home-grown-looking website. IBC includes important demographics and social and business customs and business etiquette to get a better idea as to why observing customs is so important.

The website's visual appeal and navigation leave a lot to be desired but their information is presented in a consistent, and easy-to-read format.

3. International Business Resource Connection

International Business Resource Connection
University of Kansas, KU School of Business
This University of Kansas website offers information about international business development and international trade resources. The site is geared towards small and mid-sized businesses. The programs are offered as an outreach from the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) University of Kansas, KU School of Business.

The site also offer trade leads and links.

4. University of Alabama Student Affairs

University of Alabama
University of Alabama
The University of Alabama offers information about traveling to other countries for business, pleasure, or academic purposes. The site is easy to navigate, and lists clean information that can be printed out to take along with you.

This is a pleasant, no-frills site without the distraction of ads and editorials.

5. WorldBiz.com

WorldBiz.com offers dozens of country-specific reports for conducting international business throughout the world. Reports include information on international business etiquette, international business manners, international business customs and protocol.

The reports are not free and individual prices vary but includes recommendations on international business travel, international business safety and international business resources.

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