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Are Interns Considered At-Will Employees?

Temporary Employees and At-Will Employment Laws


What Are At-Will Employee Laws?

Many states have enacted "at-will" employee laws. This means that unless you have an employment contract that states otherwise, an employer can terminate you without notice for any reason (or for no reason) as long as the termination is not based on reasons that would be a violation of your civil rights.

For example, an at-will employee or at-will intern cannot be fired because they are a woman, are pregnant, or because of their race, age, sexual orientation, or certain physical characteristics.

Are Interns Considered At-Will Employees?

Generally, yes, paid interns are treated as temporary, at-will employees and can be let go without notice or a specific reason.

Although unpaid interns do have certain rights to protection under civil rights laws, unpaid interns can also be let go "at-will."


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