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Small business law: business licenses, registration, certification, patents, trademarks. Information about liability and health insurance for women business owners and entrepreneurs.
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Pharmacy, Distribution, and Medical Services Nonprofit Laws
If you provide any kind of medical services or medical advice, or tangible goods like medications, supplies, and medical devices, you absolutely must know the law in advance or you run the risk of legal liability exposure and criminal prosecution.

How Not To Get Sued in Business
Every woman in small business should take steps to prevent from being sued. Learn the most common reasons business owners are sued and how you can protect yourself from exposure to business liability risks.

Business Liability For Serving Alcohol To Drunk Employees
Business Social Host Liability - Any way you look at it, getting, or allow your employees to get drunk, makes the company look bad, too. A host – even a business, has a responsibility for the welfare of its guests. Serving too much alcohol never leads to good things, and, may even lead to a law suit.

Protecting Yourself Against Business-Related Lawsuits
Unfortunately, no matter how fair and square you are in all your business dealings there are people who will sue you for any little thing that might earn them a settlement. That's why having business insurance is so important and coverage that protects you by paying for your defense in a civil lawsuit could save your business.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: The Worker's Disability, Or Not?

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