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6 Websites for Positive Stories and Good News Events From Around the World

Inspiration to Help You Keep on Working Towards Your Business Goals


Sometimes it helps to read about miracles, positive news events, and how others have overcome personal and professional struggles in life. The following websites contain more than just daily inspirational quotes, they report on real news events intended to inspire and encourage.

1. DailyGood.org

This website features, by topic, inspirational events, and acts of kindness to inspire, that focuses on positive things in life to consider. Browse the site, subscribe to a daily quote, and listen to audio clips.

2. Gimundo

The site invites, “Come on, get happy!” Gimundo offers daily updates of “good news” events from around the world. Read about good Samaritans, “happily ever afters,” miraculous reunions, and positive business news. The site is divided by topics for quick reference, including a video section.

3. Good News Broadcast

Good News Broadcast states its mission as “to find, receive, create and broadcast to the world, life-affirming, thought-provoking, educational news, entertainment and events; content that is non-violent, non-sectarian, non-political. We elicit the positive side of news from the World's public, media and journalists in order to generate compelling domestic and international stories.”

4. Inspiration Line

Daily quotes, poems, music, and positive personal and news stories, from contributors around the world. This site plays background music to some of their pieces, so have your volume control handy if you prefer your news without sound. But it still offers a wealth of “happy” news and inspiration.

5. The Positive News Network

David R. Boufford, “Mr. Positive,” is the Founder of Positive News Network, Inc. He is also a business coach and consultant. His daily blog offers, “positive news, uplifting, inspiring stories, motivational quotes, and positive resources.” The site is a little bland, but his posts offer headline snippets of positive news from around the world. (The only drawback is that he does not include links to the articles he reports on.)

6. Wish Only Well (WOW)

Founded by woman entrepreneur, Carmen Colombo, the WOW website is split into three topics: an online magazine; a section on humanitarianism; and the third section dedicated to business. WOW was created to “amuse, inspire, educate, and motivate.”

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