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Manage and Grow Your Business


Information and resources to help women entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Learn about finding office space, negotiating leases, marketing and advertising, networking, managing your business and employees, and take WIB's free online business courses.
  1. Advertising & Marketing
  2. Business Strategies
  3. Free Business E-Courses and Seminars
  4. Managing Your Employees
  5. Leasing Commercial Space
  6. Minority Women in Business
  1. Social Networking
  2. Taxes
  3. Tools & Resources
  4. Work Attire & Business Etiquette
  5. Work-Life Balance

Advertising & Marketing

Billboard Advertising

Information and resources to help women advertise and market their businesses. Internet and networking tips, advertising advice, and ad campaign development.

Business Strategies

Business Strategies

Find strategies for growing your business and how to save a business in crisis. Learn about business models and plans and setting goals for your business.

Free Business E-Courses and Seminars

Free business e-courses, webinars, and seminars.

Webinars, seminars, and free business courses online to help you learn more about business.

Managing Your Employees

Managing your employees.

Information and tips on small business management including laws the regulate employee compensation and benefits.

Leasing Commercial Space

Commercial leasing

If you need office, retail, or industrial space for your business you need to understand how commercial property is sold, rented, and how to successfully negotiate leases in your favor.

Minority Women in Business

Minority Women in Business

Information, resources, and support geared towards the unique interests and needs of minority women in business.

Social Networking

Social networking for your business

Learn how to use social networking to grow your business and make new business connections.


Business Tax Information

Learn about self-employment taxes, payroll taxes, and other taxes you might need to pay as a business owner.

Tools & Resources

Business tools and resources

Easy-to-understand definitions of commonly used terms in business. Quick reference for understanding general business lingo, commercial property leases, and accounting, legal, tax, marketing, financial, and Internet terms.

Work Attire & Business Etiquette

Business attire

Learn how to dress for any business situation, how to shake hands, rules for introductions, tipping etiquette, and guidelines for gift giving in the workplace.

Work-Life Balance

Balance Work and Life

Tips and advice to help work-at-home moms and women business owners work more efficiently. Information and ideas on how to find balance between work and life.

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