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3 Business Resolutions for the New Year - Assess, Plan & Network to Grow

Pay Close Attention to Where Your Business is Now and Where it is Heading


I never make personal New Year’s resolutions but I do make them for my business. The following resolutions for change can help you avoid problems and grow your business even during tough times.

Resolution #1 - Aggressively Network Your Business

Business is all about making the right connections and getting the word out about your company, services, and products. Advertising and marketing campaigns are only one part of the success equation, to really make a splash in the business world you need to build a solid network.

Unless you are actively networking you are selling yourself and your business short. Networking not only helps your business to grow but can boost your confidence and business knowledge. No matter how antisocial you may be by nature, you must learn to embrace networking.

Resolution #2 – Update Your Business Plan

A business plan can be used as a dynamic marketing tool and it should be updated as often as necessary to reflect your current focus and long-term plans and whenever your business experiences noteworthy growth.

If you are planning any major changes in your business this year, you should also do a feasibility study.

Resolution #3 - Assess Your Business to Avoid or Solve Problems

Even if your business seems to be doing well, it is important that you assess where you are heading. If you are not preparing monthly variance reports (how much your actual expenses and income differ from what you projected) you should.

Assessing your business involves more than just looking at the numbers, you also need to look at and examine your successes (how and why things worked) and problems.

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