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Fitness At The Office - Little Ways to Stay Fit or Drop The Pounds

Sitting at your desk all day can add stress, pounds, and leave you feeling tired and run down. Here are ways you can find time to move more and get fit in the limited time you have.

Tied To Your Desk? You Could Be At Risk For Developing Sitting Disease
Tips on How To Ward Off Sitting Disease - Research now shows that sitting for prolonged periods can be life-threatening and it has even been dubbed "sitting disease." Scientists are just beginning to explore what it means to our health but most agree that sitting for prolonged periods is bad.

Soundtracks for Springtime: Music Scores to Garden By
Discover a refuge from stress in your work-life routine through gardening and music. Soothe stress in your work-life routine with music and gardening.

Work-Life Balance Motivation for Movers and Shakers: Start Moving!
Too many movers and shakers aren't moving enough. Read on for motivational tips to kickstart a walking program. Kickstart your walking program with these inspirational pointers.

Are Sneakers the New Conference Attire?
For those who have never slipped on their sneakers in the middle of the workday, however, walking meetings can be a welcome antidote to the traditional tete-a-tete. Taking a break from fluorescent overheads and enjoying natural light can help bolster morale, start creative ideas percolating, and help keep you fit and healthy.

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